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12-05-2005, 06:21 AM
Says Hollywood on the side as a brand if memory serves correct.
Looks familiar maybe a Rogers but bottom is different?
Was bought from CA in 1988 and had AZ 5545 AG as license supposedly have been dragged sometime and "offcourse" stated to run 96+mph :)
Other data 460 BBF with 429 S/CJ heads Weiand Tunnel-Ram with twin 660Holleys and A Berkeley 12WJ
Bubbledeck (http://public.fotki.com/MickeyFIN/boats/vahon_jetti.html)

12-05-2005, 08:28 AM
Hondo or cole?

12-05-2005, 08:53 AM

daddy b
12-05-2005, 08:59 AM
That has the hondo pantera bottom, and bubble deck top from a v drive. That looks identical to my 78 Centurian, note how narrow in the back, motor barely fits. People always think it's a flatty on the lake. These are medium to light layups, fast fun boats, you can't turn them but they are great!!! 96 mph, not without high compression, and nitrous! Floor needs to come out.
I'm pretty sure that's the same hull, daddy b :rollside:

12-05-2005, 09:07 AM
oops. so much for the posting help :hammer2:

12-05-2005, 12:16 PM
Looks like a Hondo or a copy of one. My Brendella(same owner as Hondo) looks identical. Supposedly good to well over a hundred mph with a decent bottom.

12-05-2005, 05:07 PM
It's a Beachcomber 18, Jetboats across the pond, too cool. Ya think the chicks dig them over there too! :D

12-06-2005, 07:40 AM
Now the red/white one is a Beachcomber 18, but the blue one is a ?
I´m towards Centurion (Cenutrion Hollywood ? as a model) but what bothers me is that the bottom is different than a Rogers and otherwise it looks identical.
Yes it´s small and I´m 5,9 at 185 lbs and barely to of my sizes can get their butts in the rear seat. You really feel cramped there.
It´s max 18ft long and well the speed quote you have to assume it´s not that dependable.
What it has is a 11,5 Compression a 290 degree mechanical cam and CJ really big port heads plus that you see.
And yes Chicks love em here too....myself got a Sleekcraft 21 Exec.jr in the process.
Had a 454 LS5 from a 72 Corvette in it with the logs you see on the Beachcomber in the link.
Bought new Hooker stainless jet-headers thrutransoms but is going to change the engine fora Twin Turbo SBC so I can get a closed engine compartment.
Maybe the blue one will be mine with a Blown 454 just for looks...or then it´ll sink with it...
Was looking into a bigger boat (38 Scarab/39 Cig) but wife and bank thought otherwise so now I´m free to scare others while killing myself with a jetboat in the Baltic sea..
Any pics of similar boats?
And what is that twisted bottom called...yes it´s a wicked ride in the turns. :rollside:

12-06-2005, 08:21 AM
Can you get the hull identification number off the back of the boat? That will tell you who the manufacturer is...the first 3 characters indicate manufacturer.
A friend of mine as an identical looking boat. Baby blue, bubble deck, hull bottom looks the same and has a really tight engine bay. Ford engine. The boat is a Can-Am, and the mold was purchased by Can-Am from Hondo. I think Can-Am made a slight difference to the bottom of the boat...his rides on a delta pad.
Get those hull ID numbers. They are usually on the outside rear/stern of the hull, along the starboard side. Also should be on the paperwork, if you have any.

12-06-2005, 08:22 AM
Definitely not a Rogers. Deck is similar, but if you compared mt boat to a rogers up close you would tell the difference immediately. Rogers is wider in the mid section. Can you get the HIN # off it? that would settle it.
And A Berk 12WJ? Dont think that pump exists...Jacuzzi makes a WJ, not berk.

daddy b
12-06-2005, 08:45 AM
That's a great boat, I don't think I'll ever sell mine, oh, I should have said the false floor has to go. There is a floor in that boat if taken out would give you more leg room, a little more.... anyway I dig it, it will blow your mind but, how rough is the water in your area? these boats do ride a little rough, and I would also recommend a rear splash guard, to keep from swamping. I would guess 85 mph with that setup. Buy it.... daddy b
p.s. my numbers start with CEE (Centurion)

12-06-2005, 09:37 AM
I haven´t found the Hull no´s on it. But I have them on my Sleek and also in the Scarab 38KV I was helping my friend out with so I know where to look at and what.
Papers yess they´re to be found. but appears it´s and old hull.
Pre 76 me thinks.
It rides Very Rough in our waters that´s why I´m on the lookout for a bigger boat but like to have a toy too :)
This is our usual condition but theres a river running thru our city (as you could see from the former link I gave) and some coastal waters around.
some boating pics (http://www.northoffshore.com/gallery.htm)
Some more (http://www.maion.com/photography/finland/sea_pictures.html)

12-06-2005, 10:23 AM
Definitely not a Rogers. Deck is similar, but if you compared mt boat to a rogers up close you would tell the difference immediately. Rogers is wider in the mid section. Can you get the HIN # off it? that would settle it.
And A Berk 12WJ? Dont think that pump exists...Jacuzzi makes a WJ, not berk.
True! 12 something...don´t remeber anymore.. it´s been a few years since I checked it and it might be for sale nowadays. The owner phones me once a week about something regarding cars or boats.

12-06-2005, 10:27 AM
Can you get the hull identification number off the back of the boat? That will tell you who the manufacturer is...the first 3 characters indicate manufacturer.
A friend of mine as an identical looking boat. Baby blue, bubble deck, hull bottom looks the same and has a really tight engine bay. Ford engine. The boat is a Can-Am, and the mold was purchased by Can-Am from Hondo. I think Can-Am made a slight difference to the bottom of the boat...his rides on a delta pad.
Get those hull ID numbers. They are usually on the outside rear/stern of the hull, along the starboard side. Also should be on the paperwork, if you have any.
Or was it the deck...I don´t recall Hondo making any bubbledecks ?

12-07-2005, 08:37 AM
A friend of mine as an identical looking boat. Baby blue, bubble deck, hull bottom looks the same and has a really tight engine bay. Ford engine. The boat is a Can-Am, and the mold was purchased by Can-Am from Hondo. I think Can-Am made a slight difference to the bottom of the boat...his rides on a delta pad.
My mistake; Johnny's Can-Am is a T-Deck/has a different top (Hondo top?):

12-07-2005, 06:08 PM
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HMJ Holiday Manufacturing
HMW Haskell Marine (San Fernando, CA)
HND Hondo Boats (Merced, CA)
HNK Hans Klepper Corp.
HNS Huckins Yacht Corp.
HOG Hoog Boats, Inc.
HOI Superior Hovercraft (Imperial Beach,CA)
HPL Hy-Ryder Inc. (Tomahawk, WI)
HPY Happy Traveler Marine
HSB Hustler Boats
HSI Hydro-Step Corp.
HSL Hustler Boat Co. (Hustler Marine Co.& Hustler, Inc.)
HSP Hydro Stream Boats
HST Master Enterprises, Inc. (HurstEnterprises, Inc.)
HSX Hydra-Sports, Inc.
HTB Custom Marine (Hot Boat Alley & MachOne Boats)
HUB Hubbs Yacht Sales, Inc.
HUL Valco Aluminum Boats (Hulls, Inc.)
HUP Hunt Products, Ltd.
HUR Hurricane Fiberglass Products Co.
HUS Hustler Boat Co., Inc.
HUU Hurst Enterprises, Inc.
HUX Hustler Marine, Inc.
HVC U. S. Hovercraft
HVM Bonaventure Ind Inc. (Rockledge, FL)
HWE Hollywood Enterprises, Inc.
HYD Hydroswift Corp. (Dyna-Pac, Inc.)
HZL Hostler Canoe
IAS Impact Auto Sales (Red Oak, TX)
IAZ Iowa Homemade Boats
IDZ Idaho Homemade Boats
IGN Signature Group, Inc. (The SignatureGroup)
ILZ Illinois Homemade Boats
INO Innovative Sports (Hudsonville, MI)
INZ Indiana Homemade Boats
ITC Intercoastal S E Inc. (Annapolis,MD)
JAB Allmand Boats (John Allmand Boats,Inc.)
JAJ Jason Fiberglass
JAY Ortiz Boat Mfg. (Westminster, CA)
JBC Aluma-Weld (Jett Boat Company)
JBE Jay Bee Boats
JBL Jackson Boat Shop
JBN Jet Boat Engineering (PerformanceEngineering)
JBX Jet Boat Engineering of Oklahoma
JCE Astroglass Boats (Maiden Craft &Pro Craft)
JCL J.R. Custom Marine, Inc.
JCM California Yachts/Carver(Tustin, CA)
JCY Waterwerks Boat Co.
JDB John Dory Boat Works, Inc.
JDJ Contender Boats, Inc. (J.D.Marine)
JEA Jet Boats Inc. (Tacoma, WA)
JEB Jet-Ster Boats (Rochester, WA)(Webb & Co.)
JET Glen-Coe Boat Mfg.
JFG Jeffersons Fiberglass
JHR Indian River Boats
JIB Jim-Bar Co. Inc. (Manchester, FL)
JIS Hot Sports USA Inc(Newport Beach, CA)
JJJ Foxcraft Boats, Inc. (Carbon Hill,AL)
JJK Joel Jenkins (Decatur, GA)
JNB J.B. Boat Co., Inc.
JNC Jem-Craft
JRH HMC Mfg. Co. (Port Star Boat Co.)
JRS JRS Fiberglass Unlimited, Inc. (KonaBoats, Inc.)
JRY J.R. Yacht Sales
JSB Jet-Ster Boat Co.
JSC Aqua Images Inc.
JTA Jet-Ster Boats of Alabama
JTB Jet-Ster Boat of Memphis
JTC Crownline Boats Inc.
JVS Jole Vecchi Sciomachen
KAB Caliber 1 Boats (Anaheim, CA)
KAJ Kajun Industries, Inc.
KAN The Roos Brothers
KAW Kawasaki Motors Mfg (Lincoln, NB)
KAX Kay Park Recreation Corp.(Janesville, IA)
KAY Harris-Kayot, Inc. (Kayot, Inc.Marine Division)
KAZ Kansas Homemade Boats
KBM Kindsvater Boats (Fresno, CA)
KBT Invader
KBW Kennedy Boat Co. (Lobo Boat Works &Kennedy Boat Works)
KCK K-Craft, Inc.
KEN Kenner Mfg. Co. Inc (Knoxville, AR)
KFB Coastal Marine
KFD Aggressor Boats, Inc. (CoocheeCraft/K & F Boat Co.)
KFL Comanchee Boats
KGR King Enterprises
KKC Ghost Industries Inc.(Island Park, NY)
KKF Kustom Kraft Performance Boats
KLA Klassic Boat Company (Clebourne, TX)
KLI Kiel Inc. (Goshen, IN)
KLO Climate Boat Co.,Inc.
KME Tri-State Custom Fbgls Inc. (Bailey,NC)
KMP K-Mac & Company (Addison, TX)
KNC Don's Marine
KNG Master Molders, Inc. (KingfisherFiberglass)
KOO Sportco of Minden Inc. (Minden, LA)
KPB K Enterprises
KRA Kramsco Mfg., Inc.
KRC Kustom Enterprises, Inc.
KRG Image Boat Co. (KronenbergIndustries, Inc.
KRU Cruisers, Inc.
KST Charloma Fiberglass, Incorporated(Cherryvale, KS)
KVA Kenova Industries
KVH KV Hydros (Winter Springs, FL)
KWE Key West Boats Inc. (Ridgeville, SC)
KYZ Kentucky Homemade Boats
LAE Baja Boat Co. (Sierra Boat Corp.)
LAR Larson Boat Co.
LAY Laguna Yachts, Inc.
LAZ Louisiana Homemade Boats
LBC Livingston Boat Co., Inc.
LBD Landau Boat Co.
LBL Lucraft Boats-Labray
LBO Landau Boat Company
LBV Cimmarron Marine
LCB Lyn-Craft Boat Co.
LCN Maine Marine Co. (Lincoln Canoe Co.)
LCR Radisson Canoes (George RossAssociation)
LCX Small Craft, Inc.
LEJ Lee Boats
LEL Cajun Special Boats (Lolell Ind.)
LES Leisure Imports, Inc.
LFP Lake-Flite Plastics (Knoxville, TN)
LHR Luhrs (St. Augustine, FL)
LII Laser Industries Inc.
LLT Leisure Life LTD (Grand Rapids, MI)
LMA Caddo Boat Mfg. Co., Inc.
LMK Lorequin Marine, Inc.
LML Lion Mar Boat Corp. (Miami, FL)
LMM L & M Mfg. Co.
LNC Land -N- Craft
LNM Lenhan Industries
LNS Lone Star Fiberglass Co.
LPB Mako Shark Boats (Lynch PerformanceBoats)
LPM Leisure Products Marketing System
LPR Laminated Products Co.
LSX Lock Stock & Barrel (Elkhart, IN)
LTB Ultra Boats, Inc.
LTF Little and Upton, Inc.
LTT Lott-Craft Boats
LUG Luger Industries, Inc.
LUN Lund American, Inc.
LUX Cougar Marine, Inc.
LWN Carl A. Lowe Industries, Inc. (LoweIndustries)
LYN Lyn Craft Boat Co.
MAC MacGregor Yacht Corp.
MAD Mad River Canoe Co., Inc.
MAG Magnum Marine
MAK Monark Boat Co.
MAU Crest Pontoons (Owosso, MI)
MAX Maxum
MAZ Macs Airboats and Skiffs
MB2 Malibu Boats
MBC Mastercraft Boat Co.
MBD Marlin Boat Co.
MBE Mantra Boat Co.
MBG Magus Boat Co.
MBJ Mize Boats
MBK Makai Boats, Inc.
MBP Mitchell Boat Co. (Div. of WilsonProducts)
MBV Mastercrafters Inc (Winnsboro, LA)
MC2 Marine City
MCC Mich-Craft Corp.
MCD McDaniel Boat Co., Inc.
MCH Unicraft Boats (Bradenton, FL)
MCS Maybury's Canoe Shop
MCX River Jammer Canoe Co.(Brentwood, NH)
MCZ Michigan Homemade Boats
MDT Middle Tennessee Fiberglass, Inc.
MDZ Maryland Homemade Boats
MEY Meyers Industries, Inc.
MEZ Maine Homemade Boats
MFG Molded Fiber Glass Boat (MFG Boats)
MFJ Myers Fiberglass Fabri
MFL Mobile Fibergalss Services(Navarre, FL)
MFN Marben Marine
MFP Midwestern Fibergalss Products
MFS Mike F. Shannon Co. (Witchcraft &Apache)
MFS1 Glassline, Inc.
MGE Magic Boats Inc.
MGI Marine Group Inc.
MGK Mike Gault Canoes
MGM Magtex Co. (Magnum Boat)
MGW Montgomery Ward Co.
MGZ Mirage Boat Co., Inc.
MHA Milford Haven Marine
MHP Mel-Hart Products, Inc.
MHV Mariners Haven, Inc.
MIB Miller Boats (Rockport, Texas)
MIJ Mirage Marine Corp.
MIS Midwest Seat Mfg. Co., Inc.
MISC Miscellanous BMA Code
MIZ Mississippi Homemade Boats
MJC M and J Boat Co.
MJI Dynasty Boats
MJK Majek Boat Works
MKC McKee Craft
MKE Mike Butler Marine Design
MKH Metzeler Kautschuk
MKS Mako, Inc.
MMB Muir Maid Boats
MML Melen Marine, Ltd.
MMM Merrimack Marine, Inc.
MMN Mohawk Mfg. Co.
MMP Montgomery Marine Products
MMS Muncie Metal Spinning, Inc.
MMY Middle Bay Boats
MNB Manning Enterprises
MNJ Borum Boats, Inc.
MNN Manate Marine
MNT Manatee Marine Products, Inc.
MNX Mannino Boats
MNZ Minnesota Homemade Boats
MOD Modum Executive Services, Inc.
MOH Muhlen Industries (Cincinnati, OH)
MOK Moon Boats
MOM Wesmor Company (Inverness, FL)
MOS Morris Boat Shop
MOU Ventura Wholesale, Inc.
MOV Man-O-War Performance
MOZ Missouri Homemade Boats
MPB Corsa Marine Ltd. (Opa Locka, FL)
MPD Brunswick Marine Power (Topeka, KS)
MPH Marshland Marine, Inc.
MPM Combee Airboats, Inc.
MQW Maelstrom Marine Inc. (Sarasota, FL)
MRB Marquis Boat Co., Inc.
MRE Moore Enterprises
MRG Mirage Marine, Inc. (Palmetto, FL)
MRH Mariah Boats
MRJ Marquis Boats, Inc.
MRK Mako Marine, Inc.
MRR Mirro Marine Div. (Mirrocraft &Mirro Marine)
MRX Mariner Marine, Ltd.
MRY Catalina Yachts/Morgan Div(Largo, FL)
MSC Manset Marine Supply (Rockland, ME)
MSZ Massachusetts Homemade Boats
MTC Mitsui (Miami, FL)
MTM Mark Twain Marine Industries(West Frankfort, IL)
MTW Team Ward Inc (Monticello, AR)
MTZ Montana Homemade Boats
MVH Olson Co. Custom Yachts
MVI Atlantis Fiberglass
MVR Moravia Industries
MWE Bobcat Boats (Gloster, LA)
MWK Invader Boats, Inc. (Manufacturer'sWholesalers, Inc.)
MXJ Midnight Express, Inc.
MXU Monza Marine
MYD Tarva Custom Boats (Clovis, CA)
MYW American Fiberlite, Incorporated
NAB North American Boat Corp.
NAD Naden Industries
NAP Excalibur Marine Corp. (LightingBoats)
NBA Norton Boat Works
NBC National Boat Corp.
NBO Marathon Boat Co., Inc.
NBS Norman's Boat Shop
NBZ Nebraska Homemade Boats
NCZ North Carolina Homemade Boats
NDC Nordic Boats
NDZ North Dakota Homemade Boats
NEG Neodesha Plastics, Inc.
NER Norieaster Yachts
NEW Newman Industries, Inc.
NFZ Noles Fiberglass Boats (WinterHaven, FL)
NHZ New Hampshire Homemade Boats
NIS Nissan Marine & Power Products(Carrollton, TX)
NJZ New Jersey Homemade Boats
NMC Intrepid Mfg. Co., Inc.
NMF Fiberglass Builders, Inc.
NMR Nitro Marine
NMS Northside Mercury Marine (NorthsideMercury Sales/Royal AmericanNorthside)
NMZ New Mexico Homemade Boats
NNA Nona Boat Co.
NOR Crestliner Inc. (Little Falls, MN)
NPC Janco Plastics
NPR Dan Wertz
NTL Grady-White Boats, Inc. (NationalBoat Works, Inc.)
NUM Nuzums Marine (Los Alamitos, CA)
NVY Navigator Yachts, Inc. (Perris, CA)
NVZ Nevada Homemade Boats
NWD Northwest Watercraft (Salem, OR)
NWN Newton Boats Inc. (Slidell, LA)
NYZ New York Homemade Boats
OBI O'Brien Intl. Inc. (Redmond, WA)
OBR Obar Marine, Inc.
OCB Oceanic Boats
OFF Offshore Industries
OFS Offsounding
OHZ Ohio Homemade Boats
OKZ Oklahoma Homemade Boats
OMB Omniboat International(Mt. Pleasant, SC)
OMM Starline Boats, Inc.
ORC Orca Marine & Fiberglassing, Inc.
ORZ Oregon Homemade Boats
OSB Offshore Boat Corp.
OTC Otter Craft, Inc.
OYI Off Shore Yachts International
PAC Pacemaker Corp.
PAP Panther Airboats Corp.
PAX Industrial Plastic Systems
PAZ Pennsylvania Homemade Boats
PCG Pacific Northwest Designs Inc(Bellingham, WA)
PCH Amercian Hovercraft & Sport(Anaheim, CA)
PCM Pleasure Craft Marine EngineeringCo.
PCW Precision Boat Works
PDC P & D Boat Corp.
PDL Prindle Catamarans (Surfglas, Inc.)
PER Performer Boat Co.
PEV Sea-Raider Boats, Inc.
PFD Pittsburg Fiberglass Inc.(Pittsburg, IL)
PFS Performance Sailcraft
PGI Progression Industries
PGR Progressive Mfg. Co.
PGS Pegasus Products
PHB Phantom Boat, Inc.
PHU Phantom Brothers, Inc. (PhantomBoat, Inc.)
PHV Pacific Hovercraft
PHX Phoenix Products, Inc.
PIO Sea-Pro Boats, Inc. (Chapin, SC)
PIR Piranha Marine
PKA Payne's Boat Works (Milton, FL)
PKD Novournia of North America(Proko International Ind.)
PKM Peterson Mfg. Co.
PLC Pro-Line Boat Co.
PLD Pollard Enterprises, Inc.
PLE Polaris Industries LP
PLF Play-Craft Pontoon Co.
PLR Polar Kraft Mfg. Co.
PME Precision Marine
PMR Panther Marine Corp.
PNS Pensacola Boat Mfg. Co.
PNT Pioneer Boats
POV Pro Advantage (Salt Lake City, UT)
PPB Petes Plastic Boat Works(Blue Hill, ME)
PPE Performance Plus Products
PPJ Paramount Powerboats
PPY Pinch-A-Penny
PQC Hydrotech Systems Inc (Medford, OR)
PRG Fin and Feather Mfg. Co.
PRN Prout USA (Baltimore, MD)
PRO Pro Craft, Inc.
PRX Porter Mfg., Inc.
PSD Pearson Unlimited (Elkhorny, CA)
PSL J Boats West (Performance & LaserSailcraft)
PTJ American Radhial (Para-TechInternational)
PVT Privateer Mfg. Co., Inc.
PWB Exclusive Power Boat(Hialea Gardens, FL)
PWL Powell Lead Co. (Wallace, NC)
PWN Power Marine Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale,FL)
PWR Power Cat Mfg., Inc.
PWS Pacific Water Sports (Seattle, WA)
PXM Parker Marine Enterprise Inc.(Beaufort, NC)
PYB Penn Yan Boats, Inc.
PYH Python Boats
QLS Supercraft Boat Mfg. (Port Alberni,BC)
QNK Necky Kayaks Ltd. (Abbotsford, BC)
QSR Mercury Marine (Fond du Lac, WI)
QZT Zeppelin Technologies Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
RA1 AMF Robalo Division
RAL AMF Robalo (AMF Crestliner & AMFPowerboat)
RAN Ranger Canoe Co. (Ashland, NH)
RAS Rayson Marine (Raysoncraft)
RBD Ray Bond Boats
RBM Renken Boat Mfg. Co.
RCB Rogers Custom Boats
RCH Rich Line Boats (Richland Mfg. Co.)
RCT Rabco Competition Marine
RCY Rose Craft Mfr. Co.
RDA Charger Boat Company
RDJ Sebrich Craft, Inc.
REG Regatta Boats
REN Reinell Boats, Inc.
RFD Renegade Fiberglass In
RFG Reed Fiberglass
RFO Sea Core-Inwoods (Ventura, CA)
RFR American Boat Building (Reef RoamerMarine)
RGF Seabring Marine Ind
RGH Roughneck Boat Co.
RGI Sea Ranger Marine, Inc.
RGL Hewes Boat Co. (Regal Fiberglass,Inc.)
RGM Regal Marine Industries, Inc.
RGN Road Basin Fiberglass
RGP Rivers-Gilman Mould Prods.
RHE Rochell Craft Corp.
RHT Surf-Jet Corp.
RHY Rhyan-Craft Boats Mfg.
RIF Addictor Boats (Reef, Ltd.)
RIV Riverview Marine Inc(Port Ritchie, FL)
RIZ Rhode Island Homemade Boats
RJA Radiant Marine Corp. (Sarasota, FL)
RJS Olympian Boats (R. J. Smith Co.)
RKO River Lakes Manufacturing(Little Rock, AR)
RLS Charleston Fiberglass Co.
RLY Royal Craft Boat Co.
RNF Reynold Fiberco, Inc.
RNG Wood Manufacturing Co., Inc.(Forrest Wood Mfg. Co. & RangerBoats)
RNK Rinker Boat Co., Inc.
RQA River Queen Boats (Eutaw, AL)
RQE Hydrocraft Inc (Scottsdale, AZ)
RRB Rogue River Boat Shop
RRH Robt Hammond & Associates(Austin, TX)
RRS Goldenhawk Products (RecreationResearch)
RSB RSB Fiberglass Forms
RSD Bernard Rolsma & Co. (Topsfield, MA)
RSE Charger Custom Boats (Russell Mfg.)
RTN Bear Creek Canoe Inc (Limerick, ME)
RTR Roberts Marine
RUF Ruf-Maid Boat Works (Marathon, FL)
RVF Riverside Associates (Francetown,NH)
RVG Rivercraft Marine (Panama City, FL)
RVJ Rivermaster, Inc (Live Oak, FL)
RVK River Runner Kayaks
RVP Riva Yachts of Forida, Inc.
RVR Rivera Boat, Inc.
RXN Reaction Marine (Miami, FL)
RXO Ryan Craft (Cape Coral, FL)
RYY Sunray Products (Oldsmar, FL)
RZD R & D Investments
RZJ Raven Boatworks Inc.
RZT T. & S. Boats, Inc (White Bluff, TN)
SAB Shew & Burnham (S Bristol, ME)
SAG San Augustine Fiberglass Products(Ray Craft)
SAL Tiderunner Inc. (Tacoma, WA)
SAN Sanger Boat Mfg.
SAV Sea Arrow Marine Corp.
SAW Sawyer Canoe Co.
SAZ Shasta Aluminum Products
SB2 Sunbird Boat Co., Inc.
SBC Summer Boat Co.
SBI Spartan Boats, Inc.
SBM Sooner Boat Mfg. Co.
SBQ American Power Boats (Seahawk BoatCorp./I.M.A. ManufactureUnlimited)
SBT Ozark Fiberglass Products
SBW Stauter Boat Works
SBY Superboats, Inc. (Amityville, NY)
SCC Scat-Craft Marine, Inc.
SCF Sail Craft of Canada (Ile Perrot,PQ Canada)
SCN Seacrest Marine Corp.
SCN1 Scorpion Marine Inc.
SCO Hawaiian Resources, Inc.
SCP Starbuck Custom Boats-Products
SCR Sport Craft, Inc. (Perry, FL)
SCS Stowe Canoe (Stowe, VT)
SCT Scott Boat Co., Inc. (Ankorcraft)
SCZ South Carolina Homemade Boats
SDA Schiada Boats
SDB Stur-dee Boat Co.
SDD Seda Products
SDJ Sabrejets
SDZ South Dakota Homemade Boats
SEA Sea Nymph Mfg. (Stanray Corp.)
SEC Sea Craft, Inc.
SEE Sunrise Enterprise (West Jordan, UT)
SEI S.E.I. Corporation
SEJ Seajay Boats, Inc.
SEK Sea King
SEN Seabird Industries, Inc.
SER Sea Ray Boats, Inc.
SES Sears and Roebuck, Marine Div.
SEV Sevylor USA, Inc. (Sevylor of NorthAmerica)
SEZ Dynaflite Mfg. Co., Inc.(Serendipity, Inc.)
SFI Sikes Fiberglass Products(Cobbtown, GA)
SFQ Fiesta Boats
SFS Surfside Houseboats In
SGA Sunset Boat Co., Inc. (Silverton,OR)
SGN Signa Corp. (Thunderbird Prods.)
SGP Southeastern Gass Lamenators, Inc.
SGZ Shamar Glass
SHA Shamrock Marine Division
SHU Sherwood Industries, Inc.
SIC Tracker Seacraft of Fl. (Tampa, FL)
SIJ Quest Aqua Prod Inc. (Spokane, WA)
SIN Muff's Boatworks (Ponchatoula, LA)
SIT Shark Industries, Inc.
SIZ Sea Crest Inc.
SJC Sebring Boats (Div. of C & SEnterprises)
SJN Sunkisst Jet Boats Mfg.(Cordova, TN)
SJR Star Boat Co.
SKB Dilks & Co.
SKJ Ski Boats, Inc.
SKM Skimmar Boats
SLB Shell Lake Boats (Div. of LundAmerican)
SLC Sailcrafter Yacht Kits (CostaMesa, CA)
SLE Sleek Craft Boats
SLK AMF Slickcraft (AMF Powerboat & AMFRobalo)
SLP Scout Boats Inc. (Summerville, SC)
SLS Sailnetics, Inc.
SLV Silverline, Inc. (MooreheadPlastics, Inc.)
SMD Sea Maid
SMK Smoker Lumber Co., Inc.
SMT Sacramento Boat Mfg.
SNA Snark Products, Inc.
SNF Sing Fisher, Inc.
SNT Collins Craft, Inc. (Santa RoseBoats-Campers)
SNX Sundance Marine
SOE Maritec Industires, Inc.
SOP Scorpion Power Boats
SPA Space Craft Boats Works, Inc.
SPE Spectra Marine
SPR Superior Plastics, Inc. (MarlinBoats)
SPT Sportster Mfg. Co.
SPU Sportsman Canoe Co.
SPX Sportspal, Inc.
SRC Steury Corp.
SRF Starfire Industries
SRK Helm Industries
SRN Scariano Boats Inc. (New Orleans,LA)
SRS Weeres Industries
SRW Savage River Work (Swanton, MD)
SSB Sea Sprite Boat Co., Inc.
SSM Southern Star Mfg., Inc.
SSR Sea Star Boat Co.
SST Somerset Boat Co. (Sumerset Marine)
SSU S2 Yachts, Inc.
STA Stamas Yacht Inc. (Tarpon Springs,FL)
STE Skeeter Prods., Inc. (Stemco Marine)
STF Sterncraft Boat Co.
STM Saf-T-Mate, Inc. (Four Winns)
STN Silverton Marine Corp.
STR Starcraft Marine (Starcraft Co.)
SUE Superior Plastics
SUN Smoker-Craft (New Paris, IN)
SUR Surfglas, Inc. (Prindle Cat)
SUT Sutphen Marine Corp.
SVU Stinger Boat Co.
SWE The Stowe Canoe Co. (MansfieldCanoe)
SWL Sea Swirl
SWM Sidewinder of Wisconsin (SidewinderMarine, Inc.)
SWT Switzer Craft, Inc.
SWX Mac Industries
SXE South Dade Boat Repair & Mfg.
SXJ Sea Vee Corp.
SXL North American Catamarans (SolCatamarans & Tom Roland Sailboats)
SXO Speedo Boat Inc. (Miami, FL)
SXV Signature Marine Co.
SYB Schucker & Associates (Cape Coral,FL)
SYK R & R Fiberglass Co. (Stryker Boats)
SYL Sylvan Industries, Inc.
SYX Starboard Yacht Co. (Stuart, FL)
SZA Shoal Runner Boats (Rolla, MO)
SZG Spindrift Yacht (Newport, CA)
SZX Shallow Sport Boats (Port Isabel,TX)
TAA Tadd Manufacturing Corp(Poplar Bluff, MO)
TAH Bell Industries (Tahiti Boats)
TAJ Jackson Corp.
TAY Taylor Boats
TAZ Pemberton Airboats Inc(Inverness, FL)
TBA Teels Boat Works
TBB Tom-Boy Boat Co.
TBH The Blue Hole Canoe Co.
TBI Thomaston Boat Works, Inc.
TCB T-Craft Boat Co., Inc.
TCT Thunder Craft Boat, Inc.
TCZ Tremblay Custom Boats(Chiefland, FL)
TDA Lazer
TDC Tide Craft, Inc.
TDP Steyr-Daimler-Puch of America Corp.
TDS Trident Marine Sales, Ltd.
TEJ Shadow, Inc. (Team Majic)
TER Terry Bass Boat
TGF Two Guys Fabrication (Central Point,OR)
TGO Tide River USA Inc (Tampa, FL)
THB Thunder Hawk Boats (Nashville, GA)
THD Thunderbird Racing Technology(Portland, OR)
THE Boathouse, The
TIG Sportboats Inc. (Justice, IL)
TII Triton Industries Inc (Lansing, MI)
TIK Tiki Internationl
TKB Sunset Boat Co.
TKF The Canoe Outfitters (Birchwood, WI)
TLE Glassmate Mfg. Co. Inc.
TLY Tollycraft Corp.
TMC Taft Marine, Inc.
TMD Troller Boat Corp (Butler, PA)
TMH Tomahawk, Inc.
TML Tradewinds Marine, Inc.
TMO Talon Marine Co (Sarasota, FL)
TMR Tom Sawyer Boats
TMS Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg.
TN1 Thunderbird Products Corp.(North Miami, FL)
TNA Tana Corp.
TNR Thunderbird Products Corp.(Decatur, GA)
TNV Tennessee Valley Fiberglass Co.
TNZ Tennessee Homemade Boats
TOR Thomas Marine (Checotah, OK)
TOU Cajun Persuasion Boat Bldrs.(Lafitte, LA)
TOY Toyo-Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd.
TPC Triple C Enterprises
TPI Team Warlock Inc. (Corona, CA)
TPP T and P Plastics, Inc.
TRA Trailorboats Co Inc (Sonoma, CA)
TRI Three R Industries (Almont, MI)
TRJ Trojan Yacht Div.
TRR NACR (North American Catamarans &Tom Roland Sailboats)
TRS Tri-Sonic Marine Div.
TRT The Skandia Co. (Green Cove SP, FL)
TRV Traveller Boats (Stanry)
TSA Explorer Yacht, Inc. (South CoastBoat Co.)
TSB Champion Boats (The Storie Co.)
TSP Tillotson-Pearson-Henry, Inc.
TSW Sillinger America (Irvine, CA)
TTP Bobby Jones Airboats (Davenport, FL)
TTS Tim's Trailer Sails and Boats
TTS2 Creek Craft Mfg. Inc.
TUF Glasway Inc.
TUR Viz Industries
TXZ Texas Homemade Boats
TYA Flying Dutchman, Ltd.
TYR Taylor Boats (Hi-Performance Marine)
TYS Tyler Diesel Power Systems
TZM Treasure Marine
UBM UBM Manufacturing
UDC Udisco, Inc.
UMC Universal Marine Service
UNF Murray Chris Craft (Bellingham, WA)
USA Quick Silver Inflatables
USH Maxum Marine
USJ Bayliner Marine Corporation
UTZ Utah Homemade Boats
VAB Valco Aluminum Boats (ValleyAluminum Boats)
VAG Vagabond Sailboats, Inc.
VAM Vampire Boat Corp.
VAZ Virginia Homemade Boats
VBC Viking Boat Company
VCL Caravell Boats Inc. (Americus, GA)
VIC Vican, Inc.
VKB Viking Boats (Stamton, CA)
VKP Viking Boats (Stamton, CA)
VKX Viking Boats (Groton, CT)
VLS Seminole Boat Co. (Valdosta, GA)
VLT Volunteer Corp.
VNB Ventura Boats, Inc.
VNG Vanguard, Inc.
VOY Lake Raider (Camdenton, MO)
VSM Vansant Mrine
VTZ Vermont Homemade Boats
VVN Vivian Industries Plastics
VVV Chrysler Boat Corp.
VXP VIP Marine Industries
VXX Mariah Boats, Inc. (Magnum Marine,Inc.)
VYN Ria Yachts (Victoria Yachts, Inc.)
WAC Waco Mfg., Inc.
WAG Tim Wagner (Sarasota, FL)
WAJ Watercraft America, Inc.
WAZ Water Ventures(IRVINE, CA)
WB2 Westwind Boats, Inc.
WBB Webbcraft, Inc.
WBC White Boat Company(Baldwinville, MA)
WBD Willard Boat Works
WCH Equinox Boats (Louisville, TN)
WCW Pantera Marine Inc.
WDB Weldbilt (Alexander, AR)
WDC Warrencraft Distributor, Inc.
WDN Woodson
WDS W.D. Schock (W.D. Schock MarineFiberglass)
WDT Wreidt Custom Boats
WEB Westbay Boat & Mfg Co (Sequin, WA)
WEL Wellcraft Marine
WEM Perception, Inc., (Marba Glas &William Masters)
WEN Wenzel Fiberglass Boats
WES Dave Westphal Boats (Westphal Boats)
WET West Marine
WFF Wilson Fiberglass Inc(Theodosia, MO)
WFP Warrior Boats
WFX World's Finest Product
WGN Marian Boat Works (Anchorage, AK)
WHB White Water Boats
WHO Wahoo Boats Unlimited
WHT White House
WII Windspeed International, Inc.
WIJ Starwing (Newport, RI)
WIL Willie's R and D
WIN Water Buster Inc.
WJI Wave Industry Inc. (Dickson, TN)
WJW Ultranautics Corp (Oxnard, CA)
WKG Weldcraft Mfg. Inc. (Benton, AR)
WKM Walkiki Marine
WKY Wilderness Systems (High Point, NC)
WLB Weldon Boats
WLR Wolverine Marine Co.
WLT Wilgate
WLZ Whiteline Marine Center (Blountstown, FL)
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ZZN Bombardier Corporation (Wausau, WI)

12-09-2005, 02:37 AM
It´s a Centurion !
Called the magistrate today and checked the boat by its registration number.
Stated as a Centurion.
It´sa Centurion 18 (Hollywood?)

daddy b
12-09-2005, 07:48 PM
That has the hondo pantera bottom, and bubble deck top from a v drive. That looks identical to my 78 Centurian, note how narrow in the back, motor barely fits. People always think it's a flatty on the lake. These are medium to light layups, fast fun boats, you can't turn them but they are great!!! 96 mph, not without high compression, and nitrous! Floor needs to come out.
I'm pretty sure that's the same hull, daddy b :rollside:
Wad I toe yu mang,
Centurions rock, very few around, you know how it is man, when you see your baby.... that's my baby.....boat is very stable, takes a nice set at speed, porpoises(sp?) a little at 35 mph, but quick and great at speed, bud dis no likey de :rollside: grande olas(bigwaves). daddyb

12-10-2005, 03:31 AM
So what you expect of this with around 500-550 hp ?
I believe it runs like 80´s for now.
I think I just have to buy it from my friend. But I´ll keep my Sleekcraft daycruiser still and looking for a 38+ deepv.
porpoising at 35..that can be always stabilized with power. :)

daddy b
12-10-2005, 07:57 AM
Hard to say exactly how fast, mine has a 468 BBC, @ 8.5:1 compression, tunnel ram, bassetts, guessing 75mph(you know it always feels faster). This hull will out run most boats of similar power due to being much lighter than most boats of that era.
Mine is a 1978, When I bought it(3 years ago), it had a center blocker, high horsepower, intake grate. Would not pull a skier out of the water, cavitated.
The boat ran too wet at speed but had a midrange that would stick you into the seat. Went with a stock rock grate and it now takes off hard, the boat still ran too wet, so I raised the ride plate a little to free it up, seems free and faster now at speed, handles chop 35% better, but does get into a porpoising pattern OCCASSIONALLY in chop, @ 30-35. This boat will supposedly handle 100mph, spoke with someone who put the thing together, said the proper intake was important.
This thing NEEDS a blower, he he heeee, I don't have a diverter but this would help in rough water, I've been told........I'm going to start experimenting with a new intake. I like the midrange.
Daddy B :rollside: