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Thread: Eliminator Scorpion?

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    Hey whatever happened to the Eliminator Scorpion? Did someone buy the mold? Also, I know that some guys have tunnels (Daytona, Shadow, etc..) and I've heard "they can get away from ya". Why is that? I've ridden in a 21' Daytona with a 300 Merc and it seemed pretty nice.
    Just curious.
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    I don't think Scorpian was made by Eliminator, though I could be wrong. The Scorpian was a really sweet looking boat. I had decided that was the one I wanted as my next boat, but it got a lot of negative feedback from the jetting community. Seems the hull was great for a prop but did not lend itself that well to a jet. There is a dealer in Az...(480) 983-6019, they can probably answer your questions better than me.

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    Eliminator built a scorpion, Jet Boat Engineering (now Firehawk) built one (copy). I had a jet, it ran exceptionally well, just a little wet in the rough stuff.

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    Scorpion was built by Eliminator, but there were two versions, a CA model and one built in WI. The WI version was much faster.
    Sam Baker took the bottom and started building Rapid Craft Riots with it, Rapid Craft is out of business but still have the mold. A second mold was sold to Obsession Boats, they made a heavy lay-up version that did not do too well and have gone belly up too.
    The CA vesion (with notches) may be flating around somewhere....

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    Hey Jeff....Go check this website out and tell me if this is the same hull as the scorpion. It is called CUSTOMMARINE.NET. I called Firehawk and they told me they sold all of the mlds except the 26ft model. There is a guy in Oklahoma that appearently purchased the molds from firehawk. I spoke the the guy and he told me he would send me some pictures this week so I can see the boat in better detail. Go check it out and tell me if that is the same boat. This guy tells me that it is THE same mold previously being built as a CHEYENNE. LEt me know

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    Somehow I thought the middle fork was longer than the pic at Why do so many builders go tits up?

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    go to Advantage boats web site, look at the 20 banshee. Is this the nose you were thinking of????
    This is the hull we set the ETII record with. 118mph, single carbed chevy, running an I/O

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    BLOWNDRAGBOAT-It does not appear to be the same boat, if it is they changed the top deck substantially. The outside "forks" on mine extended out from the main deck further, also the deck was totally different. Mine was a 1990 model. If you are looking for a 20' boat Warhawk in Winfield, AL makes a fairly nice one. E-mail me at if you need any info. I may be talking to you about a blower for my boat.

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    I currently have a 21' Crusader Scorpion Picklefork, "with no nose", whats the diff, between that and the eliminator scorpion?

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    Pickle- The Scorpion was 20' long and about 7-8" narrower than most 21' pickleforks that I am familiar with. You could easily set a Scorpion inside a 21' Daytona with room to spare.

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