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Thread: Boat Racing News

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I got this emailed to me today
    News and Racing Schedules:
    1) SOA (Seattle Outboard Association) Dec 2005, PIT PREVIEWS Newsletter. Elections for Board of Directors.
    Volunteers needed at races, such as race director, referee, inspector, scorer, and other duties. 5 records were
    set on D-Lake; Randy Limbeck, Sport C, 60.023 mph, Jason Williams, D Mod Hydro, 94.269 mph, Aaron
    Peterson, J Hydro, 38.830 mph, Dustin Echols, 2.5 Mod, 137.279 mph, Larry Lauterbach, National Mod,
    152.274 mph. There were two region records set, one by Limbeck and one by Echols. Limbeck's record was
    actually faster than his APBA record. John Read will be stepping down as Mod Chairman. Rockey Peterson
    said there are 3 new rules for next season; lifting rules, restrictors need to be stamped APBA, and an open book
    test for new J-drivers. November 27th date for the Banquet. Moses Lake: The Apple Cup was taken by Central
    Washington. Oroville: Records for J. Michael Kelly in 25ss Runabout and Jim Nilsen in C Racing Runabout.
    J. Michael Kelly was the weekend "iron-man," racing 18 heats. D-Lake Kilos: Dick Rautenberg said 5 records
    were set, plus 2 region records. See (John Paramore)
    2) Eileen Crimmin, and Bob Carver built up a vast archive of boat racing photos. Eileen's son, Ned, is attempting
    to put it in an indexed catalog so that boat racers can have a photo of their boat or their favorite boat from the archives.
    Please help Ned to identify the photos and for a great Holiday gift for that boat racer, buy one of Ned's photos and
    help this young man continue to do this HUGE task that he has set for himself. Ned's at
    3) Concerning Greg Barker's "E" Boat stuff...You wouldn't be talking about Roger Stull's Patterson-built
    SUDDENLY would you? Talk about turn! Your formula makes some sense. (Don Rudy)
    4) I really liked the article about the venues tearing themselves apart, and agree to what was said about the BRR
    dumping you, after it was YOU that started it up in the first place! I helped get sponsorship (behind the scenes
    with a friend representing Winston) for the 1997 IHBA Summer Nationals in Chowchilla, where both Tom Black
    (props) and Tom Cantrell died on Saturday, in the TFH class. Dragboat Racing took a hard hit that sad day!
    We had TNN, ESPN, and local CableTV there for the event, and from both eyewitness and insider information
    that those killed should have not been allowed to race with their equipment! Tom Black's capsule had bad delam-
    ination, and Cantrell's boat had violations in the mounting of his air bottle and other things inside of his capsule.
    IHBA shouldn't have looked the other way, and if the races had been run safely, TV would have brought Dragboat
    Racing into the homes of every avid watcher in the West. We all hustled and raised the money to over $45,000,
    and that was more than the World Finals at Firebird Raceway in 1996, and those in charge did everything they
    could to keep this event from being the greatest show ever put on in IHBA history! On Wednesday, the grass had
    not even been cut so the pits could be layed out. Then the timing lights were mysteriously missing. Then the Pits
    were rearranged by the Lion's Club on Thursday, and crews that had arrived early had to move their camps. On
    Friday, the first Test and Tune ever was attended by over 8000 paying spectators, and the guards which were
    Lion's Club members, said "something" to the Jetski operators, who we had to have on the water for safety on
    Friday nite, NOT to come back or else. On Saturday, I got word to try and find at least 3 Jetski's for insurance
    reasons, to get there asap, or the races could not start. The gate on Saturday was over 10-12,000 attendees by
    rough count. (To be continued)
    5) The following interview was continued from a previous newsletter with Richard Parks, co-founder of The Boat
    Racers Reunion, by Ron Henderson, who sponsored the Boat Racers Reunion Lady Dragon Award for Out-
    standing excellence in design.
    RH: They roasted you over the coals pretty good, didn't they?
    RP: No worse than any other leader in any other boat racing organization. Boat racers are a tough breed
    and they make sure that their leaders know that they won't back down from anything. They have a
    strong stubborn streak. They have to, in order to do what they do. Boat racing makes strong people
    and strong opinions, but at the same time they make it hard to do things from an administrative point.
    6) The information in the newsletter is always helpful and interesting. So much is found out with the help of others.
    As with most old boats, information and history gets lost. Such is my case. The original owner of my 1968 Nordskog
    was Jack Jenkins. At the time he lived in the Point Loma area of San Diego, CA. I was informed by Noel Younger
    that Jack Jenkins also raced an off-shore boat named APACHE. I have restored the Nordskog and am looking to get
    in touch with Jack and find out more about him. Last I heard he was in Baja, Mexico, either as an operator or owner
    of a marina. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. (Ed O'Hara) Editor's notes: If you know
    of Jack Jenkins, or where he can be found, please let the editor know and I will pass the word on to Ed.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Weekly up-date
    News and Racing schedules:
    1) A new story by Fred Farley about Bill Stead is available. Too long to send out in the newsletter, but extremely
    interesting and riveting history as only Fred can tell it. Send request to me for copy of Fred's article.
    2) SOA (Seattle Outboard Association) Dec 2005, PIT PREVIEWS Newsletter, The "J" Project: Tony Perman
    reported a good turnout at the Hydro Museum for the initial meeting on the JProject, in which several JHydros will
    be constructed by kids and parents with the help of the museum and racers. These boats (5 Sorensen Kit hydros)
    will be completed through the winter and raced by the kids as new drivers next season. Unlimited and outboard
    racers J W Myers and J Michael Kelly were on hand to help the young builders. It was decided that work
    would be weekly for two hours from noon to two on Saturdays, and assistance from SOA members is welcomed.
    Darrell Sorensen will be in town to help start the project and David Williams is working on arrangements for
    loaned motors. Craig Fjarlie said that there's a suggestion we hold our novice school at the museum in March.
    (John Paramore, see
    Superstores APBA Gold Cup is scheduled for July 14-16, 2006. The Unlimiteds Detroit annual holiday party
    and auction is this Saturday, Dec 10th. The party is in Warren at Skinny's Sport Bar, 13330 E. Ten Mile Road,
    just West of Schoenherr. Call Hank Kosciuszko, President Unlimiteds Detroit at 586-754-7131 for details.
    Sportswear and souvenirs of the Gold Cup is available at Pure Image, for 2005. Call 1-800-337-6057 or visit
    their web site for details: Anyone may join the DRRA to volunteer
    their support of the Gold Cup event, see: Before December 31st dues are $25.
    After the 1st of the year, dues are $35. Detroit River Regatta Association (DRRA), 17640 E. Nine Mile Road,
    Eastpointe MI. 48021. Phone 586-774-0980 (Brian Reed)
    4) I'm sure you noticed I attended the ONE reunion and kinda faded away. My wish was that I had known about
    the first one! Couldn't make 2 or 3 because WE were RACIN at the time and getting too old to make everything.
    Keep writin' the good stuff. (Don Rudy) Editor's notes: Wished you had known about it too.
    5) Editor's notes-The following letter from FJ is continued from Boat Racers Newsletter #14. "On Sunday
    morning a Lion's Club member running the gate, pulled a gun on me, when I had all the correct credentials to get
    in and kept me out with my car, and then after walking into the park, I found 40 parking spaces just sitting empty.
    The Lion's canceled a $10,000 fireworks show that had permits, and an exhibition of K-boat racing and Cracker
    boxers. One IHBA guy had his "own" souvenir stand and trailer there, which got broken into and over $40,000
    worth of articles mysteriously got stolen with the Lion's Club running security. TNN left right after Tom Black's
    crash at 2 pm on Saturday, where he was anounced dead over the PA system, and ESPN left at 7:30 PM after
    Cantrell died. He should have walked away by all rights, as the crash was so soft, even considering that it was
    over 200 mph. This is why Boat Racing is never going to get big. There is too much power to let things get
    covered up and passed over in the name of money. There was a brand new owner of the new Central Division,
    of IHBA, owned at the time by Justin Chandler, who got railroaded out in just 4 more weeks after the Chow-
    chilla, Marble Falls, and Augusta races. Chandler, after having to pay IHBA another $40,000 for the stolen articles
    out of another trailer break-in incident at Marble Falls, lost a total of $80,000 out of pocket for the stolen articles,
    that was supposed to be guarded by the IHBA. After the rough count of around 8-10,000 people for Sunday's
    race, the Lion's Club told us that we only had a draw of 11,000 attendees at the 3 day race. We had over 35,000
    bands made up for paying spectators, and after the race we had 5200 armbands left. We explained, but the Lion's
    club wouldn't budge on the count. TV doesn't want to show death on their programs. Crashes are spectacular
    and OK, but Death is a NO-NO, and Dragboat Racing is still feeling the hit from that hot weekend back in 1997.
    28,000+ paying fans came out and saw 2 racers lose their lives, we lost our trust in the organizers, and then
    watched many boats run over 200 mph with a lot of crashes during the rounds. In the end who really lost out?
    Everyone who loves boat racing!" (FJ)
    6) The following interview was continued from a previous newsletter, part 14. Interview with Richard Parks, co-
    founder of The Boat Racers Reunion, by Ron Henderson, sponsor of the Lady Dragon Award.
    RH: On a positive note, the Cracker Boxers really thought you did a great job.
    RP: The Cracker Box Club is one of the nicest and most professional organizations that I have ever met.
    These men and women are dedicated to the sport that they love. It is just impossible not to like these
    racers. It isn't easy racing one of those crackerboxers. They may not go as fast as the big boats, but
    the thrills and chills are every bit as exciting as in any other part of boat racing. A special person in
    the crackerboxers is Dr Tom Scherer, who makes it his life's goal to help every cracker boxer in every
    way that he can. But Dr Tom is not unique in this respect. They rush to the rescue of anyone who has
    trouble during a race. They will help their points competitors even at the risk of losing the champion-
    ship. They are just incredibly nice people. They helped me out numerous times. Having the Cracker
    Boxers on your side can mean the difference between success or failure in any event that they are
    present at. For chills and thrills at an affordable price, join the Cracker Box Club.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    A) Ed Cooper Sr, who co-owned the U-3 Racing Team with his son, Ed Cooper Jr, passed away on Dec 13, 2005,
    at King's Daughters' Hospital in Madison, Indiana. He was 86. For a full description send request to the editor for
    the article sent in by Fred Farley.
    News and Racing schedules:
    1) Articles available by Historian Fred Farley: Bill Stead, Don Wilson, Bob Hayward, IT'S A WONDER,
    HERMES. Send request to me for copies. Fred writes passionately and is a great researcher. He uncovers the
    facts behind the scenes, and brings to life those stirring boat races and racers of the past. Brian Reed sent in a
    very interesting article on Fred Alter. Send requests for these articles to me for emailed copies.
    2) American Power Boat Association Region 11 2006 schedule not yet available.
    3) 2006 SBI/APBA Schedule not yet available. 2006 SBI/APBA Divisional Schedule not yet available.
    4) SBIP/APBA Offshore will induct the following racers into the Hall of Champions on January 26-28, 2006, in
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: The Hulk (Doug Kelly and Robert Nunziato); Team TKO/Russo Marine (Al
    Culbertson and Walter Collins); Team Nesquik/AMF Offshore (Augie Pensa and Val Fiorillo).
    5) The Southern Drag Boat Association, established in 1974, is the oldest sanctioning organization in the world
    for competitive drag boat racing events. The SDBA was formed from many boat clubs to form a common rule
    book, and standard set of timing equipment. The SDBA sanctions events in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and
    Louisiana, and participates in events elsewhere under the National Drag Boat Association banner. Located at
    8541 Mosley Bldg #9, Houston, TX 77075. 713-944-4428, or (Johnny Boykin)
    Volunteer party, Jim Schebil of the Chrysler/Jeep Superstores organization was the first recipient of the new
    award in memory of Jack Love. The award was presented by Jack's son, John Love and the DRRA. Jack
    was a long-time hydroplane supporter and co-founder of the Spirit Of Detroit Association in 1962. Jim and the
    CJ Superstores were instrumental in saving the event back in 2003 by providing the funding and asking Tom
    D'Eath to organize the DRRA. The perpetual award is a large plaque that will be displayed in Pit Tower during
    race week, with a badge for each recipient. There's a photo of Jim and his 'keeper' plaque currently on our home
    page. Detroit River Regatta Association (DRRA), 17640 E. Nine Mile Road, Eastpointe MI. 48021. Phone
    586-774-0980 (Brian Reed)
    7) Drag Boat Links:,,,,,
    8) Thank you so much for continuing to send me the racing news. As a long time limited Inboard racer it is great to
    keep up. Merry Christmas, Bruce McDonald (LIL' SQUIRT)
    9) These photos were sent using Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album software The famous
    HONCHO Beisemeyer and a 1965 Wickens AquaCraft with rare 427 FORD power driven by former Aquacraft
    Boats employee Bill Silverthorne, racing on the Banks Lake triangle. There were 31 flat bottoms at this 2003
    event! This may be the fastest 266 on the West coast. It hit 72 mph average on a short oval last year. It was
    found in a chicken coup where it had remained for 42 years until Robert Schuler and Todd Bohnet restored her
    and now race with the Outlaws of Washington. Stories of it's past include a kilo run where this 1956 Jones ran
    in the 150's! The jets had been drilled out very very large, possibly for some spiked alcohol! (Boyd Schnell
    10) Hi, I am not sure how I started receiving these newsletters.. but this is a very good thing!! Would you please
    send me the story by Fred Farley on Bill Stead .. ! thanks so much .. I was a big SHANTY/MAVERICK fan
    .. heck ..I still am!! all my very best Charles Lawrence in Seattle. Editor's notes: The article is on its way.
    Fred Farley is one of the best and most inspired of the Historians and writers on boat racing. He sent in
    articles on Don Wilson, Bob Hayward and the boat IT'S A WONDER. Brian Reed sent in an article on
    Fred Alter. For copies send request to me.
    11) Interview with Richard Parks, co-founder of The Boat Racers Reunion, by Ron Henderson.
    RH: Are there any other groups worthy of mention who helped put on the Boat Racers Reunion?
    RP: Yes, and where would I end. The Drag boaters in the IHBA have kept the tradition of boat racing alive and
    what they do makes other kinds of racing seem tame by comparison. The Jet Boaters are often overlooked
    but they are some of the best of the best. Steve McElroy, Michael Doll, Dan Durham, Don Damron,
    Greg Shoemaker and the other Jet Boaters are a real class act. I never got to meet many of the Offshore
    racers, but from what I hear they are top of the line. The V-Drive Club really works hard at restoring and
    saving the old race boats. One of the best is Spike Morelli, who just oozes passion when it comes to these
    special boats. Don Ferrara, who was Bob Nordskog's brother-in-law, is another one who devotes his
    love, time, effort and money to keep these race boats in good running condition. Clyde Dedrich is another
    who spends more time and money than he should to the restoration of these great boats. And of course,
    Harlan Orrin, who is an original boat builder of the first magnitude. I think it would be impossible to name
    all the people who have made boat racing such a proud and glorious sport.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    The Parks Family would like to wish you a very happy Holiday Season.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah
    and may the spiritual gifts of the season be with you all. May your New
    Year be bright and full of expectations of
    wonderful and happy experiences. May your troubles be light and your joy
    great. May you all have a happy,
    prosperous and healthy 2006. Seasons Greetings.

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    You get those emails too huh? :crossx:

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    Squirtin Thunder
    1) Detroit River Regatta Association's Regatta Review; Powerboat Magazine has an article by Gregg Mansfield
    at The DRRA would like to extend our
    deepest sympathies to DRRA volunteer Kathy Shuler on the recent passing of her mother. (Brian Reed)
    2) Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), PIT PREVIEWS report: Corrections for the J-Stock results at Moses
    Lake-Ashley Rucker finished 2nd in J hydro and tied for 1st place in J runabout. This was the second race for
    Ashley and her first time ever in runabout. AN STRADAG is the electric hydro that Fiona, Countess of Arran,
    drove to a UIM Electric Waterspeed Record in 1989. That event led to special event electric racing and records
    in Washington. AN STRADAG is back from the museum, courtesy of Henry Engelens, and racing once again.
    AN STRADAG has been checked and fitted with improved Lynch motors, better batteries, aerodynamic and
    propeller work. On Nov 1, the boat was driven to a new UIM electric Hydro Mark of 68.09mph by 24 year old
    Helen Loney of Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club. The initial pass was 70.610mph, with a return at 65.561
    mph. This speed doesn't surpass the APBA 70.5mph average of Mischke/Cloud, but it does raise the standing
    UIM mark of 50.825mph set in the same boat by Lady Arran. Norm Boddy still retains the runabout record at
    55.9mph. For details and photos visit the team website at: (John Paramore)
    3) COOPER SR DIES, WAS 'TEDDY BEAR' OF HYDRO PITS, By Gordon Engelhardt. Send to me for item.
    4) A lot was written about Bill Stead during his career. So I had no trouble coming up with quotes. The article
    ended up being a lot longer than I had originally planned. But that was necessary in order to be comprehensive. I
    was 15 years old when Stead last raced. From 1956 to 1959, I followed his career religiously. I was one of the
    many kids that requested his autograph at the Seattle Seafair races. It struck me that, as significant a person as
    Stead was, no one to my knowledge had ever tried to write a comprehensive overview of his career. That was
    my primary goal and I hope that I've succeeded in doing justice to the man. In the past, most writers tended to
    just talk about the MAVERICK experience. They hardly ever mentioned HURRICANE IV. And most were
    totally unaware of his involvement with FURY. I've tried to put all of that under one umbrella. (Fred Farley)
    5) The sport has lost yet another great one! Where can I get the article on Ed Cooper Sr's passing? Every year at
    Seafair, Ed went out of his way to say hi to me, ask me about the family and give me buttons and stuff for the grand
    kids. He always wore a red polo shirt and black shorts with this trademark apron full of wrenches and lord knows
    what all. He was truly a good-will ambassador for the sport. I'll miss him. (Dick Bowne) Editor's notes: Fred
    Farley sent me the obit, and I'll send it to anyone who wants it.
    6) The "Outlaw Nostalgic Circle Boats" are composed of former boat racing spectators that now have the opportunity
    to mash the gas and turn hard left within the safety of a Nationally sanctioned short race course. We have over 20
    active inboard V-drive racers enjoying five races within the Pacific Northwest. We also race a Vintage Hydroplane
    class where anything and everything can be found in side-by-side action. (Boyd Schnell
    7) I have a tentative R11 schedule, won't be engraved in soft stone till mid feburary. If you like I can send you what
    is tentative. (Julian Rucki) Editor's notes: Please send any and all boat racing schedules.
    8) Michael Doll owner/driver of the "LAP DANCE" #707 finished 2nd in the recent IHBA World Championship
    this year in Modified Eliminator. Michael represented the Jet Boat group at the Boat Racers Reunions in Pomona,
    CA, and their displays were always first class. The reunion shared the site with the Southern California Marine
    Association's Spring Boat Show, and a great many spectators got a chance to see the old race boats.
    9) Interview with Richard Parks, co-founder of The Boat Racers Reunion, by Ron Henderson.
    RH: Who are some of the Honorees that you admire most?
    RP: Now there is a loaded question. The answer is all of them. But since we have honored over 93 of them in three
    years, how could I begin to tell the readers what I think of them? They are all special people and special companies.
    In their own way, they are all heroes to the sport of boat racing. I just wish that I had more of a chance to stick
    around and honor more of them over the coming years, because there were a lot of NOMINATED people who
    were definitely going to be elected in the future. Now, with the new board, there won't be an open election and
    many of those who would have been honored, will be overlooked, and that hurts, because they are so worthy of
    being honored.
    RH: Thank you for an illuminating background about the history and prospects for the Boat Racers Reunion.
    RP: You're welcome.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    1) Detroit River Regatta Association Review: On November 13, 1980, Lee Taylor set out to reclaim the world
    water-speed record on Lake Tahoe (but lost his life). Taylor, who grew up in Compton, CA, drove his first speed
    boat in 1961. In 1964 he crashed his boat, HUSTLER, during a world record attempt at Lake Havasu. In June
    1967, he drove HUSTLER 285.213 mph on Lake Guntersville in Alabama to break Donald Campbell's record
    of 276.30 set in 1964. Taylor's record was broken by Ken Warby with a run of 288.60 mph at Blowering Dam
    in Australia. Warby bettered his own record a year later, hitting 317.60. See:
    article?AID=/20051113/NEWS10/511130348/1016/NEWS. Warby's record still stands. Ken told me that he has
    surpassed 400 MPH, but in just one direction. See about his new boat. (Brian Reed)
    2) Seattle Outboard Association PIT PREVIEWS: Dave Anderson reported that the Tohatsu-D is now a legal
    motor for D-Stock. The fuel issue has been resolved and may lead to discussion which could lead to competitors
    being limited to fuel and oil available on-site, and standardize records course design. Ryan Johnson reported on
    Mod eligibility problems for people signing on for Winter nationals as single event members. He also spoke on how
    lower mod membership numbers have reduced Mod commissioner count and noted that points are now based on
    a Mod racer's best 15 races. Howard Anderson and George Thornhill are new Region 10 Commissioners.
    PRO Commissioners have named Steve Greaves Chairman. Jim Nilsen is a 2005 APBA Hall of Champions
    inductee. Rockey Peterson reported on the Hydroplane museum's "JProject," where 5 kids and their families
    are each building a Sorensen J-Hydro to race next summer. (John Paramore)
    3) Due out early in the Summer of 2006: Eileen Crimmin's Unlimited and Limited boat racing material from 1952 to
    the early 1980's. This is being scanned and will be sold on an external hard drive, for museums, clubs, fans, etc. to
    purchase and use as the template data base for their material to be added to or just learn hydro history. Contains
    notes, outlines, drafts, articles (Mom's and others), letters, memos, messages, newpaper articles, Christmas cards,
    APBA Official score sheets (copies), APBA news releases, race committee releases, some photos, and much more,
    and crossed referenced. All material in this project categoried by year, date, main driver, boat, and writer. For more
    information contact: Ned Crimmin at 1-360-277-0262 or email Ned at
    4) APBA Region 11 Racing schedule:
    Mar 4-5, Kilo time trials, Oroville, CA. July 1-2, Lake Ellis, Marysville CA.(pending construction)
    Apr 29-30, Lake Minden, Nicolas, CA. July 15-16, Berenda Reservoir, Chowchilla, CA.
    May 13-14, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA. Aug 26-27, Lake Francis, Dobbins, CA.
    June 3-4, Oroville CA. (Possible record courses) Sept 23-24, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA.
    June 17-18, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA. Oct 14-15, Lake Minden, Nicolas, CA.
    5) Join us for our Five Year Anniversary and Birthday Party at Banks Lake, Washington, on Fathers Day weekend,
    June 2006. Thirty plus inboards are expected to make the tow and run on a rare triangle 3/4 mile course. The host
    for this Boat Racers Reunion Regatta is Sunbanks Resort, Electric City, Washington. Banks Lake is situated near
    Grand Coulee Dam. (Boyd Schnell
    6) Congratulations to Brad Stellman, Al Benson, Dave Mueller and Paul Grichar on winning 1st place overall
    in the Nostalgia Flat class at the Southern California Speedboat Club, 59th Annual Thanksgiving Regatta
    held in front of the Blue Water Resort & Casino, Parker, AZ. The SCSC 2005 Award Series Banquet was held
    that weekend. "The Rhino Boys" collected 2 top honors for 2005 Class Championships in both Nostalgia Flat and
    Nostalgia Endurance. The next race will be in March 2006 at Lake Ming in Bakersfield, CA. (Brad Stellman)
    7) I’m not sure how I ended up on your email list, but thank you for including me! I find your newsletter very inform-
    ative! Please send me the Fred Farley article and info on Cooper Sr. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! (Steve
    Compton, Vashon Unlimiteds, LLC, “The Building of Miss Thriftway”)
    8) Kent Island, and Cambridge, Maryland will be alternating year to year on an Antique event. It will have a closed
    course, cranes, and goodies for participants. There was some interest expressed at Solomon Islands, Maryland. I
    had a get together in November for the area boat racers. Forty promised to come, 6 showed up. But, we had a
    good time, and I pulled out my old pictures, 8 mm, VHS, and CD stuff. Boy, it was good to see the 1960's again...
    add Jerry Greer to your mailing list. He bought a Frah's hull in the early 1970's, put a Hemi in it...Thx for your
    great newsletter. My brother likes it too, Tom Isaac, F-66, in Tampa, Fla. It would be great, if you could come
    to Mt. Dora, Fla, in March. Bob Isaac (MURDOCK-is my nickname)
    9) Quill Shaft, the official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum: Jan 4, 2006, Board of Directors
    meeting. Roger Newton movie night is on Jan 6, at 7pm, admission $5. Jan 15, Museum of Flight Party. Jan 20,
    Ron Jones lecture. The Hydroplane Museum is located at 5917 S. 196th Street, Kent, Washington 98032.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Editor's notes: Some editing occurs in the newsletter to adapt the items to the proper formatting.
    1) It's sad that this sport is so cursed with regionalism. Why can't people realize that we're all in this together? In the
    1950s, there was the Seattle-Detroit rivalry over possession of the Gold Cup. But that was a healthy thing. What
    you're talking about is truly destructive. If only people would work together. Maybe you've heard of the MACH
    Series (Mid-American Championship Hydroplane Series). This is a very successful series of Limited inboard races
    with three or four of the Mid-West inboard clubs involved. They run about ten races a year and each individual club
    hosts two or three of them. The MACH Series was started about twenty years ago by a very good friend of mine
    named Ray Dong. Ray was president of the Marine Prop-Riders, which is the Detroit inboard club. For years,
    the Prop-Riders had been fighting with the other inboard clubs in the region. Ray sat down with each of the other
    club presidents and, in the spirit of cooperation, worked out a deal with them, and the MACH Series was the result.
    To this day, the series stands as one of the sport's finest showcases. (Fred Farley)
    2) Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), PIT PREVIEWS report: Dwight Malhiot noted that Kathy Myers is
    working out production. Kathy added that she'd like to hear from members who might have knowledge of or a
    connection to a printer who can turn out the roster book at a no to low cost. 2006 Region Banquet scheduled for
    the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Commodore's Ball: Debi Perman outlined the schedule and highlights of
    the club party. It will be 25 Feb 2006, from 6 pm to midnight at the Lake Wilderness Golf Course Country Club.
    Gary Longley will arrange for a live NASCAR simulator for those aspiring to test their skills. Ballots were counted,
    and the new SOA 2006 Board is: Troy Holmberg, Todd Cragin, Kathy Myers, Rockey Peterson, and J.
    Michael Kelly. Dave Anderson said all 2007 Nationals meetings will be scheduled after New Years, Todd
    Cragin is the trophy sponsor and he's negotiating with a potential title sponsor. (John Paramore)
    3) The Chrysler/Jeep Superstores APBA Gold Cup, July 14-16, 2006.
    4) Detroit River Regatta Association Regatta Review. The automotive-powered Unlimited Light Hydroplanes
    will race for the O.J. Mulford Silver Cup. The ULHRA is supporting the Lupus Foundation with the Lights for
    Lupus Campaign. Nautical Mile Association members will be sponsoring the Unlimited Lights and local displays
    beginning in July. Completing the program in exhibitions will be a large contingent of vintage race boats, and the
    wild-riding Jersey Speed Skiffs. The 1982 APBA Gold Cup featured a thrilling duel between veteran driver Dean
    Chenoweth in MISS BUDWEISER and Chip Hanauer at the wheel of ATLAS VAN LINES. Hanauer emerged
    victorious following a deck-to-deck battle. The two Classic Thunderboats will be on hand in 2006 to re-enact the
    contest; Hanauer will be in the ATLAS VAN LINES cockpit. This event will benefit Children's Hospital. Erick
    Ellstrom wrote that the 2005 World Champion MISS ELAM PLUS is offering the 2004 World Champion MISS
    BUDWEISER a match race. To be held on Lake Washington in June if they take the challenge. The format would
    be the best 3 out of 5 and a $400,000 cash prize winner take all. The single largest purse in recent years. The DRRA
    and it's members would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Ed Cooper Jr and family, our thoughts and prayers
    are with you and your family at this difficult time. Go online to pay tribute to Ed: (Brian Reed)
    5) "Nice rundown of Lee Taylor and his record. I'm gonna have to ask Nick Baron if the first HUSTLER
    was built on a Hallett hull. As I recall, Lee and Larry Lee showed up at the Hot Boat Magazine offices but
    someone (one of our advertisers) had called Bob Thomas (the Publisher) to make the appointment...I think
    it was Hallett who called. I sat in on the meeting and did a double truck conceptional illustration of the boat
    under power for one of the first issues of the magazine." (Bob Falcon) Editor's notes: Rich Hallet also built the
    turbine powered sister ship, the 1969 GOLDEN KOMOTION, which Don Edwards was going to race under the
    sponsorship of the STP Corporation. The boats looked similar.
    6) Quill Shaft, the official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum; Jan 6, Roger Newton Movie night,
    7pm, admission $5, at the Museum. Jan 15, Museum of Flight Party, 6:30pm, end of the Boats that Fly exhibit at
    the Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA. Jan 20, free lecture series begins. This is a series of 10 lectures about hydro-
    plane racing, held on the 3rd Friday of each month, and will emphasize some of the technical elements of the sport.
    7) When Brickyard Ponies Went to Sea, By E.K. Muller. Miller's, Offy's, Duesenberg's and other Indy 500
    engines dominated boat racing for a time. Send request to me for the article. E.K. has passed away, but he was
    one of the gentlemen of boat racing history and heritage and fought to preserve it.
    8) Thanks, Richard. Happy new Year! (Dick Bowne) Editor's notes: A happy New Year to everyone and
    may you all have a healthy, prosperous and joyous 2006. Now go set some records!
    9) Do you remember or have any info on a drag boat from the 60’s called “ADIOS TWO.” It was twin engined. Do
    you know where it is now? I heard it may be in Tahoe. (Barry Abshear)

  9. #9
    Squirtin Thunder
    Editor's notes: In an effort to make the newsletter clearer, I have broken up the subjects into many sections but this
    has made the newsletter longer and subject to spam filters and size limitations. We will continue to refine the look of
    the newsletter to make it better and more acceptable to the readers. Please keep your letters short and terse.
    1) With the exception of the books that I've written, anything of mine with my UNLIMITED HISTORIAN title on
    it is automatically in the public domain for the promotion of the sport. I've waived all of the author's rights. (Fred
    Farley) The Unlimiteds: 1946 In Review - 60 Years Ago, by Fred Farley is available. Send request for article
    to the editor of the newsletter.
    2) Quill Shaft, the official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum; Feb 1, Board Meeting. Feb 3,
    Roger Newton Movie night. Ron Jones Sr will speak on the evolution of hull design. Feb 17, Dixon Smith
    will speak about the use of computers in race boats. March 1, Board of Directors meeting. March 3, Roger
    Newton Movie night. March 17, Chip Hanauer will talk about driving strategies.
    3) Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), PIT PREVIEWS: The Hydroplane and Antique Raceboat Museum's
    J project kits provided by Darrell Sorensen. Serious assembly work began with help from Jeff Kelly and J.
    Michael Kelly, Darrell Sorensen, Mike and Tony Perman, Rockey Peterson, Dwight and Zach Malhiot,
    David Williams (Museum Director) and others. As word of the project spread, more guests and helpers stopped
    by, including Stan, Scott, and Chip Hanauer and Dr Ken Muscatel. Others who worked on this project were:
    Ashley Raney, Shane Thompson and Jeff Kelly. Patrick Gleason's photos-,,, (John Paramore)
    4) For Kevin Spaise's rebuttal to the letter about the Lions Club/IHBA race at Chowchilla, send request for copy.
    5) Reply to drag boat (question about) ADIOS TWO: It was a Sanger fibreglas hydro with two injected small block
    Chevies punched out to 377 cubes each. It held the NDBA Unblown Fuel Hydro top end record 134 mph for a
    long time. There have been many photos published...see The Vintage Hydroplanes site for one. (Bob Foley)
    6) "I have received word today from Ross Wallach Commodor of the SCSC, that for us, the Comp Jet Class,
    to start our season at Lake Ming/Bakersfield in March, I need commitments. Anyone wishing to field a boat
    in the Comp Jet Class in March please step up now. I have posted the proposed basic rules and I will be
    submitting them to SCSC on Jan 20th." Jim Rich Editor's notes: For a complete transcript of Jim's proposal,
    please contact me and ask for a copy of the Comp Jet Class Proposal.
    7) Out of the data base I have done so far I found two photos of ADIOS TWO from the July 1964 Boating News.
    One photo is from the cover and is in color. The other photo is a black and white from the inside of the magazine
    with a three sentence blurb with info. Please feel free to pass on my e-mail or telephone number to Barry Abshear
    if he would like it. Thank You, Ned Crimmins Editor's notes: Thank you Ned. Having an
    archivist do such valuable work is very important to the racing community. Readers, if you are looking for something,
    check with the photographers like Ned first. I would like all the photographers to let me know their email addresses
    so that I can post them in the newsletter for the readers to know. Photographers and historians like E.K. Muller,
    Clyde Parkhurst and Fred Farley are valuable resources for the boat racing community.
    8) "Comp Jet Circle Boat Racing Unity." The Southern California Speedboat Club is offering a Comp Jet Class.
    For details on the Ross Wallach email, please send a request to me at the Newsletter for a copy of Ross' memo.
    9) I appreciate being copied in on the newsletter as I find it very enjoyable to read, but I do have some thoughts that
    would make it MUCH easier to read...It would be nice to have a space between the different Items right now it's all
    just run together and I do find it difficult to read sometimes (just my 2 cents) see below my idea. If you compare it
    to the way were getting it now, it just makes it easier to follow... Like I mentioned my 2 cents and not worth much
    more..LOL. Anyway other than that I really like the info and appreciate being included in on it. Again Thanks!!!
    David Kain, Hurrikain Marine Products Editor's notes: David, I like your idea too.
    10) U-8 Unlimited Hydroplane LLUMAR WINDOW FILM BRAND owned by Bill Wurster has lost its sponsor
    and will not compete in the 2006 racing season. For report, send request to me. (Bob Senior/James Crisp)
    11) "In addition to the big bucks Gold Cup Boats, Harry Miller also did some small bore engines for the local
    boat circuit...a boat racer named Loynds asked Miller to build a four cylinder engine for him to use in his
    racing boat. That engine was later placed into a 3/4 car, as they called them in those days (Sprint Cars
    these days) and later became a standard on the 1/2 mile circuits. It was 220 cu. in. and went on to be
    produced by both Offenhauser and Meyer Drake. The small block Chevy was more effective and simpler
    to operate and it eventually replaced the 220. Here's an interesting tale. I have a friend, Ron Loynds, who
    operates a machine shop on Miller Way in South Gate! I need to research Gordon White's "Miller" book
    to see just where the Miller plant was located in South Gate. (Bob Falcon)
    12) Why are you sending me this? Please remove me from your Newsletter. Ray M. Editor's notes: Ray, I
    have removed your name today. The Newsletter is voluntary and free and does not wish to irritate anyone. It's
    only goal is to promote the history and heritage of boat racing, and it is YOU, the boat racing community that
    sends in your news and schedules. How do I get your email address? By two ways; you give it to me, or one of
    your friends' think you will enjoy it and they sent me your email address. If you don't want to get the Newsletter,
    or the delete key is too noxious for you to touch, just let me know and I'll remove your email address immediately.
    13) For a detailed description of the E RACING RUNABOUT RACING RULES changes proposed by Greg
    Barker, please send a request to the editor.

  10. #10
    Squirtin Thunder
    1) How is Budweiser going to meet Ellstrom's challenge when the team's disbanded and the boat's been sitting idle
    for a year and-a-half? Is it just hype or for real? (Dick Bowne)
    2) Ned Crimmin is scanning thousands of photos from Bob Carver & Eileen Crimmin and putting them on CD/
    DVD starting with the 1952 Gold Cup. He has progressed as far as the 1965 racing season, with the end at about
    1978. He has a huge data base that he is able to access by computer and can tell you what's available. Many other
    people are sending him their photos. Contact Ned at or 1-360-277-0262.
    3) In response to Mr. Abshear and the "ADIOS TOO" question. It was a BIG Sanger shovel nose w/two (2) small
    blocks. I think they were on alky. As memory serves it was owned and driven by Fag (yes) Fag Campoy. Blue
    and silver flake. Clyde Parkhurst might have some shots...a long time ago! Beat everybody? The only two motor
    boats that did that was the MORTICIAN with "Bullet" Buzz Coates up. They were too heavy. By the time
    they got up and going it was time to shut down. Another interesting one from back then was THE BEAST with
    Tets Ishimuira. Two (2) Blown Fuel Chizlers in a huge Hallett...what a sound! (Don Rudy)
    4) Quill Shaft, official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum; Apr 3-Director's meeting. Apr 7-
    Roger Newton Movie night. Apr 21-lecture #4. May 3-Director's meeting. May 5-Roger Newton Movie night.
    May 19, lecture #5. May 27, Hydro Fever. Aug 3, 2006 Museum Gala scheduled.
    5) For "Comp Jet Circle Boat Racing Unity, by Jim Rich, send request to me. He proposes a new racing series.
    6) For a copy of Kevin Spaise's rebuttal to the Chowchilla-IHBA 1997 tragic race story, send request to me.
    7) For a copy of Greg Barker's proposal for a new E Racing Runabout series, send request to me.
    8) For the article on Bill Wurster's U-8 LLUMAR WINDOW FILM, send request to me.
    9) For a copy of Fred Farley's articles on- Bill Stead, Danny Foster, Fred Alter, Don Wilson, IT'S A
    WONDER, Bob Hayward, Ed Cooper Sr, The Unlimiteds: 1946 in review-60 years ago, send request to me.
    10) For a copy of the World Motorboat Racing Leagues, send request to me.
    11) For a copy of When Brickyard Ponies Went to Sea, By E.K. Muller, send request to me. EK has since
    passed away, but all of us who knew him will remember his porkpie hat and his energy and enthusiasm.
    12) Race boat photos available from William Burgess, Clive Elliot & Mark Mason. Send request for photos.
    13) List of boat racers honored by the Boat Racers Reunion 2000-2005 available on request. Contact editor.
    14) APBA Region 11 Crackerbox schedule:
    Mar 4-5, Kilo time trials, Oroville, CA. Apr 29-30, Lake Minden, Nicolas, CA.
    May 13-14, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA. June 3-4, Oroville CA. (Possible record courses)
    June 17-18, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA. July 1-2, Lake Ellis, Marysville CA. (new construction)
    July 15-16, Berenda Reservoir, Chowchilla, CA. Aug 26-27, Lake Francis, Dobbins, CA.
    Sept 23-24, Salt Springs Resort, Copperopolis, CA. Oct 14-15, Lake Minden, Nicolas, CA.
    15) For Harry Miller's location in South Gate, check with Gary Schroeder or Dick Russell. (Don Rudy)
    16) Item 11 slightly misleading...(in last weeks newsletter), LLumar Company has withdrawn sponsorship after
    9 years. True. The item implies that the U-8 will not compete in 2006. The sponsor is out, and the U-8 Team
    searches for a new backer, - BUT -, the U-8 will most probably be racing in 2006. (Bob Senior)
    17) Please Email me a copy of Greg's rule change ideas. We talked at length in Buffalo this past Sept about restarting
    the class as a stock engine class not unlike the 280 rules. Greg wanted the GM crate 350/385 engine and all of the
    West coast guys want to build their own. Someone is going to propose this class at the January APBA meeting. We
    all need to get on the same page and get this project approved. (Rob Kaufman) Rob: It's on the way.
    18) Please send me a copy of your rules for the E-racing runabout class. Many years ago a class with this name was
    popular in the North West, but has not been seen for a few years. Recently there was some talk about trying to
    bring this class back. Thanking you in advance. (Glen Davis) Glen: The thanks go to Greg Barker and
    others, for stirring up interest in this class again.
    19) Please forward a copy (of Kevin Spaise's rebuttal letter). Thank you! (BoatKitten) Editor's notes: The item
    is on the way. Kevin Spaise and JF are very knowledgeable people and witnessed the events first hand.
    20) Could you forward to me a copy of the Comp Jet Class Proposal of Jim Rich. (Kevin Austin) Kevin: the
    proposals by Jim Rich are on the way. Hope they prove helpful to you.
    21) ...I love the newsletter. Thanks, Mitch Blondin. Mitch: Thank you. When you hear news, send it in.
    22) I consider your news letter as a real value to the boat racing community. I believe that the unlimited/gold cup
    racing is on the cusp of a major comeback. Your expertise in researching and timely posting information can only
    support a growing popularity of your efforts to bring up to date information to the fans of our sport. (Ernie Dossin)
    (old U99) Ernie: Thank you, but all the news, schedules and events comes from the racers themselves.
    23) I am Ron Harsin, co-author with Fred Farley on the hydroplane books, Madison - Hydroplane Heritage and
    A Century of Gold Cup Racing. You stated that you are interested in photographers email addresses. Over the
    past two years, I have been attending races and taking photos while promoting our books. I have 5000+ digital
    photos of the Unlimiteds, Unlimited Lights, Vintage Class, and OPC Formula 2 and Formula 3's that are available
    upon request. My past credits include published photos in the Madison Courier, RoundAbout Madison, Unlim-
    ited News Journal (including the Jan 2006 cover), DRRA News, APR Superleague, and Propeller. Individuals
    wishing more additional information on my photos can contact me at: Ron: This is what
    we are looking for, to find sources where boat racers and fans can contact to get the records they need.

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