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Thread: Boat Racing News

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    Code Blue Racing
    1) Gene Mooneyham, early lakes, drag racer and manufacturer of superchargers, passed away on 17 Jan 2006.
    Services will be on Jan 28, 11a.m., at Sky Rose Chapel, Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, CA. (Glen Barrett)
    2) Fred Farley and I are working on a new book for the Vintage Hydroplane class, and we hope to have it avail-
    able in 2006. To contribute photos or information, contact Fred or myself at (Ron Harsin)
    3) I enjoyed looking over the proposed rules (for the E-racing runabout class) and they are well thought out. The
    carburetor in any class is always a major problem. I have a 600 cfm unit out in the garage that I used on a GNH
    hydro and it flows 800cfm, but measures the same as a stock 600 that it was supposed to be. On second thought,
    maybe the class speed limit will take care of this. If one is only allowed to go 90 mph then spending a lot of money
    on a carburetor does not make a lot of sense. Keep up the good work. Glen Davis out in rainy Seattle.
    4) Could you please send me the details about the above rule proposals since that is my class, I haven't heard any
    thing about them but then I didn't race last year. Thanks Brian LaChapelle, Buckley WA.
    5) Thank you very much for the posting of this newsletter please continue to make it available. Some people do
    value the effort, and the priceless value of experience. (James Bovard)
    6) Seattle Outboard Association PIT PREVIEWS-H.A.R.M. J-PROJECT-Ron Jones helped Ashley Raney,
    Jared Martin, Nick Scott, and Shane Thompson in the Hydroplane Museum's project to help young racers
    build their own raceboats. May 13-14 Inboard Meet at Lawrence Lake inboard event. Contact Jamie Nilsen
    (Stock), Ryan Johnson (Mod), George Thornhill (PRO) or Rockey Peterson (J). need volunteers for Class
    reps. Kathy Myers (425-485-6139) is in charge of ads in the new Roster book. The Annual Seattle Outboard
    Association Party is Feb 28. Dave Anderson reported progress in standardizing Stock course records.
    7) Crimmin Archival Update: U-40 Bardahl THE GREEN DRAGON, 1962 thru '65. scanned 145 different items.
    Newspaper articles, correspondence, article photos, plus article Mom did 1964 BARDAHL COST OF UNLIM-
    ITED RACING. Bob Carver took B&W's, Eileen Crimmin wrote article, and took 26 color slides of photo
    shoot set up, behind the scenes material. See Ned Crimmin at or call 360-277-0262. (Ned)
    8) Quill Shaft, the official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum; new CDs- The 1982 Season,
    by Chip Hanauer, describing his lap by lap duel with Dean Chenowith at the '82 Gold Cup, and the restoration
    of the '82 ATLAS VAN LINES; the second DVD is the 1974 Gold Cup from Sand Point, BUDWEISER vs
    THE PAY 'N PAK. Call 206-764-9453 or write to the Museum at 5917 S. 196th Street, Kent, WA 98032.
    9) For 2006 SCSC schedule/race info, membership, APBA entry forms, rules book, see
    10) 2005 Sprint Nationals, Long Beach, CA, see (Jim Rich
    11) Were there 2 Gary Gabelich? The Gabelich of LSR fame who died in the early 80's and the boat racing,
    Mercury, Second Effort Marine Gabelich who died in the past year of a heart attack on a golf course. (Randy Tripp)
    12) 1957 Seattle Gold Cup, By Fred Farley. Send request for article to editor.
    13) I heard from others that you didn't honor the right boat racers at the first Boat Racers Reunion? Why
    wouldn't you let the boat racers decide? (RG) Dear RG: People have been spreading that rumor around for
    a long time. I didn't vote at all, since I was only the secretary of the reunion. The committee that chose the 2003
    Honorees consisted of Harlan Orrin, John Sherin, Bob Garner and Don Edwards. Here are the Honorees for the
    year 2003: Dwight Bale, Nick Barron, Keith Black, Howard Brown, Ernie and Andy Casale,
    Ray Caselli, Buzz Coats, Don Damron, "Sanger" Jack Davidson, Tom D'Eath, Dan Durham,
    Bob Ellis, Allan Ford, Rich Hallett Sr, Wes Knudsen, Ron Larsen, Al Lavey, Joe Mandella,
    Tony Maricich, Ed Olson, Leroy Penhall, Eric "Rick" Rickman, Rudy Ramos, Mickey
    Remund, Laurie Roberts, Larry Schwabenland, Robert "Buck" Smith, Kenny St Oegger,
    Louie Unser, Fred Wickens, Leo Wildman, Norm Wilson, Roberta Nichols Yakel, Rod Zapf,
    Dave Zeuschel, Glenwood Marine and Hallcraft Marine.
    Notice that only ONE person came from outside the California racing scene. These were some of the finest boat
    racers, volunteers, photographers, writers and companies anywhere, but these 4 electors were looking at it from
    a regional Southern California perspective, and there were men and women around the country who deserved
    to be recognized. The next year we opened it to a vote from people throughout North America, including Canada.
    This incensed the old Committee members and they tolerated an open vote for the 2004 and 2005 reunions, then
    asked for my removal. The selection of Honorees is now closed to a select few who have gone back to that
    regional Southern California bias. There will be no more open votes by the general racing public as to whom will
    be honored in the future. A small group within the Reunion will make all of the choices from now on.
    14) Effective May 1, 2005, RESTRAINT CAPSULES are mandatory for all boats competing in the K Racing Run-
    about class. For the complete article by Duff Daily, contact the editor of the newsletter.
    15) We are steadily progressing on the construction of the replica/restoration (we have some of the original compon-
    ents) of the 1955 U-60 MISS THRIFTWAY (1). Folks can follow our progress on our website for updates and
    photos. See There is no scheduled completion date, but we just rolled her over and are
    getting ready to put the final designs on the internal systems. (Steve Compton)
    16) I attended the ULHRA meeting yesterday in Issaquah, WA, where Chip Hanauer gave an outstanding present-
    ation on raising the Lights to the "next level of professionalism." Chip discussed increasing the level of team pro-
    fessionalism, deportment in the pits, appearance of crews and drivers, courting of sponsors, selling sponsor's
    products with the boat and driver, professional relations, promoting the driver as heroes and role-models, etc. As
    always, Chip supported his presentation with humorous stories from his recdord-setting career as the all-time Gold
    Cup winner and all-round, highly professional great guy. I'd strongly encourage any professional boat racing unit
    to contact Chip and have him present to their group. It'd be well worth their while! (Dick Bowne) Readers: the
    editor has written articles on; 1) looking for sponsors, 2) politics and 3) use of Public Access TV to improve
    racing leagues. While written for car racing, it also applies to boat racing. Send request for articles to me.
    17) The THUNDERBOLT Question, by Fred Farley. Send request to editor for copy.
    18) Please forward a copy (of Kevin Spaise's rebuttal letter). Please check us out at for all Aussie
    drag boat racing news! Thank you from down under! Regards, Gary James
    19) I forwarded the K boat information to you as something you may be interested in. I'm sure there are many reunion
    racers that may have an interest in current affairs of the APBA. I enjoy the web site, and
    I'm sure you are aware of it. I look forward to reading your informative newsletter in the future...Ray Burnett/PS89
    20) I was wondering if you have heard of or seen any Lavey Craft hulls around for sale. I think Joe Poty used to
    race one as an E. (Greg Barker Editor's notes: Laveycraft Boats and it's
    founder, Al Lavey, was honored by the Boat Racers Reunion. Their phone number is 951-273-9690 and
    their email address is Contact them to see if they have a referral service for their
    used race boats.
    21) The Editor is looking for a partner or partners for the Boat Racers Newsletter, who might be able to add a
    blog or website, allowing a broader outreach for the newsletter concept.

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    Been getting those for two years.

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    Gene Mooneyham passed away..bummer

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    Squirtin Thunder
    1) ...looks like the in-fighting continues? Nobody has mentioned Steve Jones (the Starfire guy) in the reports
    of racing giants, I guess he was not from California either. Jim Codling Editor's notes: You're right, Jim,
    regionalism divides the sport and makes it weaker. A great racer is a great racer no matter where he comes from.
    2) The "Second Effort" Gary was not Gabilich. He was Gary Garbrecht. Mike Guardalabene
    3) Crimmin Archival Update: Ron Musson from 1962 thru 1966, newspaper articles, article photos, Eileen
    Crimmin's articles, 192 entries. 1964 set up work on Ron Musson article, cut-lines of article, and article that
    appeared in Motor Boating, July 1964. See Ned Crimmin at or 360-277-0262.
    4) Seattle Outboard Association PIT PREVIEWS-Howard Shaw noted the Passing of Mod Commission
    Chairman John Read. Dwight Malhiot reported the talk by BobWartinger on helmets. Bob recounted
    his crash at DePue where his helmet came off and he learned recently, such as optimal helmet fit and that the
    neck collars don't seem to work as well as imagined, and may actually creat danger. Jan Shaw explained that
    Region fees for clubs are determined by the number of active racers and SOA and CORA have more racing
    members. Howard Shaw and Pat Gleason mentioned that insurance costs appear excessive. They will bring
    this up at the APBA National meeting to seek a review for lower costs.
    5) For Schedule & Race Information visit: SCSC Membership, APBA entry form, 2006
    SCSC Race Schedule, APBA Rules. Good Luck and I hope to see you out there. Please contact Jim Rich 928-704-1858 Sprint Nationals-Long Beach, CA
    6) Quill Shaft, the official newsletter of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. A story on the front page of the
    Dec 16, 2006 Seattle Post Intelligencer says it best, "Hurricanes and earthquakes have unleashed record
    setting human compassion, with national and regional charitable organizations reporting that people
    are digging deep to help. But many Seattle area charities remain concerned about shortages of money,
    saying donations they once might have received are going out of state." That appears to be the case for
    the Hydroplane Museum as our Annual Campaign in November and December brought in the fewest number
    of donations since 9/11. It's not too late to contribute to the museum. All donations to the Museum are tax
    deductible. The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, 5917 S. 196th Street, Kent, WA 98032.
    7) Gary Gabelich was the land speed record holder. Gary Garbrecht was the Mercury driver and owner of
    Hydro-Prop Inc. (John Lynch, PR Director, ULHRA Inc)
    8) For an article on the THUNDERBOLT, see Fred Farley at
    9) Article on restrain capsules for KRR class by Duff Daily. Write to editor of newsletter for copy.
    10) The Seattle Channel's "Community Voices" TV show Feb 5, 7 pm PST will feature hydro driver Harold Mills,
    with comments from fellow racers Kayleigh Perkins and Brian Perkins. Harold is not scheduled to race this
    year. Kayleigh will be compete in the S-6 BAKER EQUIPMENT COMPANY 2.5 liter stock hydro. Her
    brother Brian will be the new driver of the UL-40 unlimited light. The Seattle Channel is on Comcast Channel 21
    in the Seattle area and on the internet at The show will be rebroadcast on the net. I will
    post the rebroadcast times of the show when I get them. (Skip Young)
    11) Gary Gabelich was of LSR fame. Gary Garbrecht of Hydro-Prop is the fellow who passed away about a
    year ago. This is not much different that the confusion between Seafair's Bob Gobrecht and Gary Garbrecht of
    Hydro-Prop. I (goofed) that one up a time or two myself! (Bob Senior)
    12) NOTE...more interest in a SR class daily...if only apba could understand this...maybe they could allow it to happen.
    I understand that several people at the nat'l meeting are attempting to make it happen...we have sent proposals in
    the recent past but no response from apba one way or the present we are getting enough boats together
    to run it in a local class at SCSC events...thanks to Jeff, Al, Jim & Ross. (Paul Grichar)
    13) Concerning the regionalism in boat racing: Sounds like the very same "Tunnel Vision" that exists in the decisions
    made by the nominating committee of the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame...Bob Falcon
    14) Fred Farley has compiled the top 3 positions (winner, 1st and 2nd places) at all the Unlimited races held from
    the year 2000 through 2005. For a copy, email Fred at and request his list.
    15) The Boat Racers Reunion, May 13-14, 2006, Bass Lake Boat Fest at the Pines Resort. Boat show, swap
    meet, classic, V-Drive, high performance, Reservations Pines Resort, Campsites call 877-444-6777. For more
    information contact Don Edwards at 805-685-5060. (From Editor's notes: This is not the
    same Boat Racers Reunion run in Southern California, but a joint effort by several northern California groups.
    16) I am looking for another copy of the July 1964 Boating News Magazine article Bardahl Cost of Unlimited
    Hydroplane Racing. It was a several page article with a picture of my father and the entire Bardahl racing group.
    My father was in his familiar overalls. I have one which I have given over to my youngest son, Treg who is Leo's
    grandson. I would like to also get prints of my father in the photos used in the article to frame for my children and
    their children, which now numbers 8. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mel Vandenberg
    17) First of all, your newsletter is wonderful! Please keep up the good work. Also can I get a copy of #17
    THUNDERBOLT by Fred Farley. It is so hard to find anything about this boat when it was THUNDER
    BOLT. Pictures of her are very rare. Thanks again. Keep up the good work. Tony Bugeja Tony:
    For some reason I couldn't copy the article Fred Farley sent me. All his other works came across fine. But Fred
    told me that I could send out his email address and he would send whatever articles of his are in the public domain.
    Send an email to him at and tell him to send you the THUNDERBOLT article. As for the
    photos, check with Ned Crimmin at There are other photographers like Clyde Parkhurst,
    Phil Kunz and others, but they haven't given me permission to release their email addresses yet. I am trying to
    work out a partnership that would allow access to a website so that we could expand contacts. Don't forget to
    go to Phil Spruit's Other sources are Harlan Orrin, Bob Foley, Bob Senior,
    the APBA website, and I think there is a Readers, Ned Crimmin has a scanner and will
    scan your photos and return them. Here's a young man with the drive and determination to save boat racing's
    history and heritage, so get in touch with him and work something out. There aren't many like him out there.
    18) The "Second Effort Marine" leader (and past F1 CEO) who sadly died last year on a golf course was Gary
    "Garbrecht", not Gary "Gabelich"... Guy Conklin
    19) If the voting for Boat Racers Reunion Honorees was so regional in 2003, then how did you change it? (RG)
    Dear RG: By opening the committee up to everyone, even those who could not make the committee meetings.
    We did it by email and increased the voters from 4 to about 49 people. So everyone, across the country, now
    had a say and a vote in whom we would honor in 2004. It's not that Southern Californians are not worthy of be-
    ing honored, it's just that other parts of the country have people who need to be recognized as well. Our Honorees
    for 2004 were:
    JC Agajanian Sr, Ole Bardahl, Marion Beaver, Al Bush, Donald Campbell, Jack Cool, "Crave
    the Wave" Racing Team (Tony Sigalos, Bruce Penhall and Denny Sigalos), Otto Crocker, Lori
    Dunsmore, Kenny and Margie Harman, Bill Harrah, Bill Henderson, Gordon Jennings Sr, Ted
    Jones Sr, Ron Jones Sr, Bernie Little, Danny Mang Sr, Barry McCown, Bill Muncey, Bob
    Nordskog, Harlan Orrin, Bob Patterson, Butch Petersen, Paul Pfaff, John Sherin, Chuck Stearns,
    Bob Sykes, Lee Talbot, Lee Taylor, Dean and Joanne Wilson, Bergeron, Marine (Finish Line),
    and Lifeline Marine. Now we had a good mix of national and local Southern Californians represented.
    20) Veteran hydroplane racer Harold Mills, Region 10 High Point Champion, Western Divisional Champion,
    National Champion, Sportsman of the Year, George Babcock Award for Most Outstanding Driver, and the
    sport's first African American driver. His story will appear on the Seattle Channel, cable channel 21. For the
    time and date, see (Skip Young)

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Editor's notes: Please try and keep notices as short as possible. It is better to send in weekly news for an event,
    than it is to send in one big notice just once.
    1) Seattle Outboard Association PIT PREVIEWS-Jeff Kelly purchased a boat scale at a bargain price. Dave
    Anderson announced a planning meeting for 2007 Stock Nationals at Kirkland Eagles Club. Russ Bircher told
    members that AOF is working to bring their rules parallel to APBA rules to foster joint events and AOF now
    recognizes kilo records. AOF long Course Nationals will be at Moses Lake the week after the Lawrence Lake
    race. Steve Bork asked for the SOA schedule so that the Whidbey Island Roostertails could put together a non-
    conflict schedule for the year. Rick Hannon was recently diagnosed with cancer and his doctor said the chance
    of remission is 80%. An account has been set up for donations. See Mike Bartlett at
    2) Motorboat Racing Leagues: a) Australian F1 Powerboat Tour. b) Australian Jetsprint Association. c)
    Australian Power Boat Association, the governing body for power boat racing in Australia. d) F1 Powerboat
    World Championship. e) Jersey Speed Skiff. f) Junior Powerboat Racing- Jr F1 powerboat racing league.
    3) Crimmin Archival Update: Mira Slovak, 1957 thru '68, newspaper articles, article photos, magazine article,
    drivers, owners, and hydro personalities from Eileen Crimmin and Bob Carver. See Ned Crimmin at or 360-277-0262.
    4) That list still was 2/3rd from Southern California, so how could it be representative? (RG) Dear RG:
    What you said is true, but remember, a lot of boat racers came out of California, and a lot of the Honorees raced
    elsewhere and retired or moved to California. The important thing is that the Boat Racers Reunion was asking
    people who lived in other parts of the country to nominate and vote for honorees from all over the nation. We
    were evolving into an organization that recognized the skills and talents of boat racers no matter where they lived.
    The Boat Racers Reunion Honorees for 2005 were: Rusty Biesemeyer, Betty Cook, Don Ermshar,
    Jim Ermshar, Lance Faulkner, Rick Fowler, Chip Hanauer, Eddie Hill, Bud Meyer, Chuck
    Pierce, Adelle Stone, George Striegel, Carl G. Thornhill, Rick Wimer, Garfield Arthur "Gar"
    Wood, and the Edelbrock Corporation. Six out of the sixteen were from outside of the Southern California
    region, so you can see that there is a steady growth towards becoming a national organization. The members also
    saw that drift, feared losing control of the reunion, and asked me to resign. They have since returned the Boat
    Racers Reunion to a local affair. They are skipping a reunion in 2006 and will attempt to hold a reunion in 2007.
    The list of 500 nominees has been dropped and they will conduct a closed vote within their own group to choose
    who they will honor in 2007.
    5) Last call for articles on Comp Jet Circle Boat Racing Unity, by Jim Rich; the 1997 Chowchilla rebuttal letter by
    Kevin Spaise; ERR Class change rules by Greg Barker; LLUMAR WINDOW FILM BRAND Unlimited news
    by Bob Senior; and RESTRAINT CAPSULES are mandatory for all boats competing in the K Racing Runabout
    class, by Duff Daily.
    6) Schedules, race results, banquet and hall of fame reports and any boat racing news is welcome. Send to me and
    I will try and get them out within a week or two.
    7) Clyde Parkhurst (the boat racing photographer) has a great website (and check out any photos that you may
    want). Clyde Parkhurst Photography, PO Box 4103, Antioch, Ca. 94531. Phone# 925-518-5932.(Don Rudy)
    Don: Do you have his website address? Does Phil Kunz also have a website? Any other photographers,
    writers, etc, who want to let the readers know what you have accomplished, please send in your website
    address and a brief description of your work.
    8), is in the 10th year of their website. They are looking for supporters to help them in
    the restoration project for Eddie Knox's rescue boat. See for details of this worthwhile
    program. (from Duane B. Sims)
    9) Don't forget to post (your reports) on "We have a SPORT to SAVE." (Ron Hill)
    10) Am proud owner of a Steve Jones Starfire hull myself and think Jim C. has valid point. Where is the recognition
    for Steve, and there are others here in the northwest that were a very important part of the runabout inboard racing
    history. (Gary Dahl, SS90 DECEPTION FLAT BOTTOM SPRINT BOAT) Editor's notes: Local racing
    leagues often have special awards honoring drivers, owners, volunteers, etc. What is needed is for a Hall
    of Fame to begin to recognize these special men, women and companies that have made boat racing what
    it is today. The Honorary Awards Program for the Boat Racers Reunion attempted to do just that and had
    honored 93 individuals and companies in 12 categories, until it was ended in August, 2005, in a fight over
    whether it should be a local or national program. The faction to make it a local event won out, and thus
    noteworthy racers from other areas may not be honored by the Boat Racers Reunion in the future.
    11) Barbara Burnett sent in an article by Ross Wallach on the K-boat encapsulation issue proposed by Duff
    Dailey. For a copy, please send request to me.
    12) Hi Richard, I am the web-site builder of Region 4 Hydroplane Racing Homepage. Just wondering if you would
    like for me to put your News Letter that you send us in Inboard e-mail on the Region 4 site? A lot of racers do not
    get the inboard e-mail so they would be able to read on the site.. Let me know if you are interested. Regards
    Diane Wilson (Durward & Diane Wilson) and
    Diane: Thank you. I accept.
    13) Why don't I see anything about a new race at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock, TX. Given the right kind of
    liaison by A.B.R.A. this race could turn into an annual classic. Lake Worth at Fort Worth, TX is another very
    likely site. Phil Cole, Georgetown, TX.
    14) I would like to get on your mailing list to receive the newsletter you put out regarding vintage boat and hydro-
    plane racing. I am interested in staging an annual race at Lake Tahoe, in conjunction with our annual Wooden
    Boat Show. Any help you can provide to help us organize our race would be appreciated. We are looking to
    follow the class of boats already established elsewhere, as well as encourage the participation of the larger
    unlimited hydroplanes, if they still race. Tom Strauss Tom: You're on the list.
    Please send your website or other info so that we can let others know when, where and what they will
    need to know to participate. Lake Tahoe is a good location for many Western boat racers and vintage
    boat owners.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    ) Thank you for all your hard work on your newsletter - it is a great source for info - and someday I just gotta
    get out west and watch those flatbottoms run! Bill John, Vintage Race Boat Shop, 603-569-5824 (shop phone).
    See Interested in Jersey skiffs, Clayton NY regatta, vintage and Eastern
    boatracing, send a request to the editor for the full and complete letter. See,,,
    2) Hello Richard, My father passed away 3 years ago at 90 years of age. I am still carrying on the business.
    Tom Cirello Readers: Tom's Dad, Tony Cirello, was a long time drag boat racer.
    3) Crimmin Archival Update: Starting in early 1950's, 209 Limited drivers, 229 Limited hydros, 174 Unlimited
    drivers and personalities, 137 Unlimited hydros, 72 different unlimited races from 1952 thru early 70's so far, from
    the collections of Eileen Crimmin and Bob Carver. Ned Crimmin /360-277-0262.
    4) Motorboat Racing Leagues: a) Mid American Boating Association - Poker runs for high performance
    boating throughout Kentucky. b) Million Dollar Run - Cayman Islands Yacht Club. c) New Jersey
    Performance Powerboat Club - Offshore race boats. d) Northwest Water Competition - Affiliation of
    the American Outboard Federation in the Pacific Northwest.
    5) Seattle Outboard Association PIT PREVIEWS-Racers from Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe sent photos
    of their race boats and their history. The letter explained how the Soviet Union's collapse led to the closing of active
    race programs, including F-1 racing in the Belarus capitol of Minsk. Now, with developing tourism and navigable
    waters improving, boat racing is making a return. The letter describes the progress their association has made, high-
    lighting efforts of racers Igor, Vuri and Vladimir Zhukovsky. They hope to make connections with clubs around
    the world, and to build friendly relations. To join the SOA, contact John Paramore at for
    details. Billy Schumacher will be the guest speaker at the Commodore's Ball, Feb 25. Contact Debi Perman at for more information.
    6) Some websites: Preserving the Past, Reporting the Present, Promoting the Future!
    APBA Region 4 Ron Hill "We have a SPORT to SAVE."
    7) Phil Kunz Photography, P.O. Box 185, Dayton, Ohio 45449-0185, As regards
    Phil's or Clyde Parkhurst's websites: Just type their names into your search engine and up they POP. Really
    good stuff!!! (Don Rudy) Don: Thank you for the information. Any other websites out there?
    8) Dick "Shadow" Bossi, long time NDBA and boat racing announcer, has been hired by NHRA Division 7 racing
    to announce their drag races. Bossi says that he is "in the game" should any of the boat racing leagues need a good
    announcer. Bossi emceed the 2005 Boat Racers Reunion at the L.A. Fairplex and did an excellent job.
    9) My website is at or you can see it on google search at Phil Kunz
    Photography. Thanks, Phil
    10) Pastor Jim Riley serves the boat racing community at events around the country. He holds worship services,
    helps those in need of comfort during hardships and offers advice and encouragement. Pastor Riley is able to do
    this because of the support of the boat racing community. To help offset his expenses in his pastoral mission, The
    Master's Men, a group dedicated to raising money is asking for your help. Heading this group is Thayer Cueter,
    Kim Forsell, Bob/Karen Senior and Duncan Wilson. To send in your donation to help the cause, contact The
    Master's Men, Attn: Jim Cote, PO Box 797363, Dallas, TX 75379, or Bob Senior at All
    donations are tax deductible and all funds are used to keep the spiritual mission going.
    11) I have put the newsletter on the site already. There is a link on the front page of R4 site, but just for now. When
    the Region 4 Banquet and meetings are over I will make that link just for your News Letter. I find your newsletters
    very informative and looking forward to many more to come. Diane Wilson See and Diane: Thank you.
    12) Thank you for taking the time to send this newsletter. Regards, Bill Martin (APBA Nostalgia Endurance
    NWSRA Ski Racing, Torrance, CA) Bill: Thank you for the compliment. Be sure to send us news
    of your team or your league's events. ALL boat and vintage racing news and schedules are welcomed.

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    Shark In The Pond
    13) Why don't I see anything about a new race at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock, TX. Given the right kind of
    liaison by A.B.R.A. this race could turn into an annual classic.
    We had the race last yr. and it is a great place to run ! As far as I know we are tring to do it again this yr. and I will contact the people in charge and let ya know what we come up with ?

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    Shark In The Pond
    I was thinking about this and the Buffalo race was put on last yr. to try to get some racing going on out here like they had in the past . This was just a fun deal with no lights just a course set up and we had a pretty good turn out ! I e-mailed the peeps in charge so I will post something when I hear from them .

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    hey shark! do you know paul hodges? i talked to him,and he said they were trying to have the races this year.I also told him i would help anyway i could.I remember watching the tunnel circle boats out there. like to see that come back here to lubbock.

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    Shark In The Pond
    hey shark! do you know paul hodges? i talked to him,and he said they were trying to have the races this year.I also told him i would help anyway i could.I remember watching the tunnel circle boats out there. like to see that come back here to lubbock.
    Not sure about Hodges ? They use to hold some good circle boats out here ,would be nice to get them back and there was a couple that came out last summer for the race .

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