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Thread: Hydro Tie-down on Long Trip

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    Hydro Tie-down on Long Trip

    I purchased a Cole Hydro and will be towing it over 1K miles this week. The paint on the boat was previously damaged by securing the stern with tie-down strap over the deck. I would like to avoid further damage to the boat so I'm looking for advice. The current owner seems to use straps around the prop shaft. Perhaps he learned from the previous mistake or is this still inappropriate. My logic is that the shaft strut is likely designed to take a beating since it can handle the power of acceleration (prop walk and forward thrust). Would it be appropriate to use a strap from the strut to the trailer frame to secure the rear of the boat to the trailer? I'm trying to minimize the trailer to boat rub caused by bouncing.

    Sorry if this subject has already been discussed. I did a search and didn't find anything but I'm not sure I'm using the correct language.

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