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Thread: Where To Buy an F650

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    anyone have any other recommendations I know someone on here has the orange one that is sick and just wanted to find out a little more about his.
    Thanks John
    I think it is Hustler79 who did that one.

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    In answer to your question River racer you can put an F650 front end on an f250/350 I actually own one like that. Its my custom show truck however I am looking for a real one to haul boats back and forth from georgia my new manufacture of boats for my dealership. Im looking for something comfortable to drive long distances in and something that can handle any amount of weight say we were to throw to boats on a large trailer and bring them back that type of thing. You can find some pictures of my project hear http://fordtruckworld.tenmagazines.c...ry.ten?id=8639. If anyone has any further info or knows how to get of Hustler I would appreciate it, I tried pming him but havent heard back.
    Thanks John

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    cool projects!

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    skater40 has a nice black one that they want to sell.

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    Those trucks are sick...But you have to be able to justify....

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    Hey guys thanks for the continued info keep it coming im hoping to hear from hustler79.
    thanks John

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    There is a white one on ebay that isn't tricked out. It's listed for about 69k I think. I'm too lazy to post the link but do a search on e-bay.

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    Anyone know Hustler79 or how to get ahold of him, his is pretty sick and Ive never seen that color before on that truck.

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    guess were not going to hear from hustler79 well thanks guys for all the info, well see what happens. I have an 06 F250 right now that I would have to sell anyways before I could even get close to buying something else. And as everyone always knows its really difficult to sell a vehicle and not get ripped for it lol and Im not looking to get ripped, if doesnt sell then it doesnt sell. Thanks for all the comments,

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    I sold mine via craigslist in the DFW area, But now i have made a conversion with sites for selling my car or anything (they made it convenient, it's just a little button you click now). I would definitely keep doing that as it is free and easy.
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