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Thread: For pickup truck cargo, when is a red flag needed?

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    H20 Party Starter
    If you have a long board/pipe/whatever in the bed of your truck sticking out what is the rule for length before a red flag is required?? I can't find any vehicle code that referances it.
    Does it matter if the tailgate is open or closed, and then is the measurement taken from the tip of the tailgate down, or the rear bumper or rear lights???
    I say anything under 36" past your tailgate up is ok....36" over+ needs a red flag. I've heard 18" but I wanted to hear it from an officer or read the code myself. :rollside:

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    I thought it was 18"

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    Wet Dream
    18" is the rule. I believe its from the natural structure of the body, not the bumper or tailgate in the down position.

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    I tie a flag on anything extending past the tailgate.

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    Sotally Tober
    I thought it was 48", but what do I know? So if you do have a flag how long can you go?

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    I think its after 18, but you can't have it stick out longer then 36. I always put a flag on it unless it sticks out less then 6"s.

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    i've always attached one on even if it sticks out a bit...better to be safe with all these idiot drivers that don't pay attention, and then would probably sue you if they got hurt and you didn't have one

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    Section 24604. "Whenever the load upon any vehicle extends, or whenever any integral part of any vehicle projects, to the rear four feet or more beyond the rear of the vehicle, as measured from the taillamps, there shall be displayed at the extreme end of the load or projecting part of the vehicle during darkness, in addition to the required taillamp, two red lights with a bulb rated not in excess of six candlepower plainly visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the sides and rear. At any other time there shall be displayed at the extreme end of the load or projecting part of the vehicle a solid red or fluorescent orange flag or cloth not less than 12 inches square."

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    Tom Brown
    I tie a flag on anything extending past the tailgate.
    ... or tie it to the door handle when the cab of the truck is 'in use'.

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    I would answer that question , But since im not 830.1PC, im not trained or qualified to answer it .. :boxed:

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