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Thread: Any Circle Boats For Sale

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    looking for a beismeyer or d'cucci or ?

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    Joey cucci has a nice ss/ps boat for sale.

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    1. Spitfire. Completely rigged by Ron Bolton. Blown 392 Chrysler Hemi (carburated). Boat runs great and does have a custom paint job on it. $18,000 obo.
    2. Revenge. Complete with injected Chevy on alcohol. Boat is beautiful inside and out, and runs just as nice. $32,500.
    3. Biesemeyer. Never been raced or crashed. Julian install. Blown 468 Chevy. Boat is all original. Gel coat is in great shape. Tralier is an R&I and is also in nice shape. $32,500 obo.
    I can give you more details if your interested. (909-982-8555)

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    Posted on
    I am considering selling my flat bottom. It is a Temptation, copy off a Beismeyer. The boat was completly rebuilt in 2000, new stringers and balsa. All new aluminuim was installed, it needs to be polished and anodized, but it is nice good looking stuff. Casale v-drive, 2 fuel cells, set up for bbc. Boat comes complete, just add motor. Race motors are available, 1 427 alum head L88, and one injected alcohol 510 cid. Props are available. Boat was last run in 2002 and has been stored indoors since then. With no motor installed. Trailer has new axles and brakes, and is is good shape. Just rebuilt prior to 02 season(springs, bushings etc). It was raced as Can am 75. This is my baby but......
    My e-mail is
    Thanks Brian

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    Billy do you have any pics of these boats for sale. Thanks Ronnie

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    Rattle Can Lou
    I have a Riviera. The boat was bought less motor. It sits on a nice tandem trailer with good tires and wheels. This boat was rigged by either Stteele Marine or Bergeron. I sold the conventional drive line and bought all new Bergeron solid drive line equipment. The cost was 1100.00 dollars. The boat has polished cases for the V-Drive and has real nice stack tanks. The boat is all white gel and is in nice condition. Heres the work that needs to be done. I took the side boards out of the boat because they were starting to show signs of weather wear. I have not replaced them. It is a real easy deal if you know fiberglass. I will post some pics up.
    I want 4500.00 for the baot and trailer. There are no motor plates with it.
    You can call me at 208 375 6328 or PM me. Mike

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    That is a steal.
    Want to sell the tanks?

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    Rattle Can Lou
    No, but thanks for asking, you little Grand Wizzer.

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    No, but thanks for asking, you little Grand Wizzer.
    No problem buddy, anytime! Good luck with the sale. I think if you would actually POST it for sale or advertise more, it would be GONE! Shit, mouzer would drive to Idaho and buy it from you.

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    Want to sell the tanks?
    I have a set of stack tanks for sale.

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