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Thread: Canyon Marine/canyon Boats

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    I Was Wondering The Differance Between A Canyon Marine Hull And A Canyon Boats Hull. Wasnt Canyon Marine The Mold That Mettler And Carter Reed Had? Or Are They The Same?

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    Jetboatguru might know or call Kevin Felkins of Lodi, CA if you're really interested in buying a new one.

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    I thought Canyon Boats has always been the boat hulls, and Canyon Marine is Dan Aaseth's parts business.

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    I thought Canyon Boats has always been the boat hulls, and Canyon Marine is Dan Aaseth's parts business.
    Dan sell's hulls as well but I forget what he said they were but they are not the Canyon hull that Mettler used to build.

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    Retired flatbottom racer
    Canyon Marine was the name of Mettlers Company and his mold. Carter Reed purchased the mold from him and built some boats. Mettler ended up getting the mold back and built Canyon Kraft boats. Felkins purchased the mold and now builds Canyon Boats. All the same mold. Dan Aaseth's, Canyon Marine is a total different company.

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    Lookin for Liquid
    let me try to clear this up before it goes too far for everyone. Canyon Marine was indeed owned by Wayne Mettler in Canyon Country who eventually moved to Santa Paula and then sold it to Carter Read who moved on into Ultra sales and lost interest in building flatbottoms. I purchased the name Canyon Marine along with the original mold (which I still have) in 1993 and reopened the shop 2 doors from where Wayne had it in Canyon Country. With all the abundance of used race boats and the interest leaning more towards family boats the shop itself was shut down eventually. I contnue to do business as the original Canyon Marine and cater to people generally in need of installation and fabricated type parts on a sales level.
    I will refrain on commenting on how Canyon Boats was started but it does happen quite frequently in the boat building business.......
    Dan Aaseth

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    Cole Man II
    Lets not be too hard on Kevin here, the way you have described it, it sounds like neither you or Kevin should be calling your boats Canyons. That would be like me buying a Cole mold, building boats and marketing it as a Cole. Even if I built a better boat than Jim ever did, that still would not make it a Cole because Cole didn’t build it. Even if Wayne himself taught you how to lay up a boat just the way he did them in the past, these boats should still be called “Boats by Dan or Kevin”. If the boats need to have the name recognition to sell they should be called Canyon equivalents. If you or Kevin build enough winning boats, and have enough satisfied customers, in time you could build an equal or even greater reputation than Canyon ever had.

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    lI purchased the name Canyon Marine along with the original mold (which I still have) in 1993 and reopened the shop 2 doors from where Wayne had it in Canyon Country.
    Dan Aaseth
    I guess I miss understood but when I talked with you a couple of years ago while ordering some parts I thought you told me that you were not building Canyon runner bottoms? I don't remember wether it was Dimarco or what but I would almost swear you told me that the flats you were building or selling were NOT Canyons. So I take it there as at least another Canyon mold and what runner bottom do you build or sell?

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    Marty Gras
    Dan, it's funny how YOU paid for the name and inventory, then someone else just "moves in"! Could there have been MULTIPLE DEALS for the same rights? Who really knows? I told you way back, play with your race boats, but make your money on Hi-po family cruisers. The race boats always took too much time and effort VS the money brought in. Building fast blown V-drive cruisers for CASH PAYING CUSTOMERS, is way more simple (and cost effective). YES! Personal satisfaction in making your friends GO FAST is great, but paying the rent is more important. "Craig", whom ever OWNS the DOT registered VIN for Canyon Boats would be the legal owner and able to build under that name. The only problem I have found is that "Canyon Boats" are listed as the (former) Phoenix Az. builder of tunnel deck boats. (NADA) Did Wayne ever register the brand name? (or did he use Ralph's VIN #s?) I feel that the real deal is "who's boat will do the job for YOU?" I don't know Kevin, probably a great guy. I do know Dan and we go way back, he could call his boats "POS by DAN" and they would still run faster, straighter, and live longer, than most others. Some guys put their money in advertizing the product, others put their money IN THE PRODUCT! Dan is "barefoot and pregnant" all the time, because he puts the money (effort) in the boat, not in his pocket. Dan, I now just want to say that "Jack Davis is YOUR BUDDY!". George

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    Cole Man II
    Marty Gras,
    Regardless what they are called, I guess I should just be glad that guys like Dan and Kevin are still willing to build these types of boats.

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