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Thread: Holley diagram for 4777-4 carb

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    I'm running 2 Holley 4777-4 carbs. I need to see a exploded view (online). I think these are 650's (4150 model). The rebuild kit I have shows view for what looks like a 660. Hopefully I can find an exact blowup of my carbs. Anyone know where to see the diagram ?

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    holley should have them on there website.

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    tahiti cowboy
    yes 4777 s are 650's and 660's are different because 660's dont have metering plates in back4barrels if you do a search for aed carb kits or holley kits on ebay or just call mike bolduc hes the carb man on ebay with the best prices on any thing for holleys he can help you 1-530-347-0632

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    660's dont have metering plates in back4barrels
    Correction, 4224 660's come with metering plate, very easy to convert to metering block though!..

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