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Thread: 19' eliminator scorpion jet boat 4 sale!

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    1980 elimianator scorpion 19' with a daytona bottom, 1 of 2 built very rare from what i am told and very fast, bare hull and complete legend pump with droop and hydrolic diverter {not pictured} and aluminum A impeller, capped and everything filled, custom paint, balsa inlays in the floor, competitive trailer what you see is what you get, no other parts for the boat. $5900 obo

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    Thats a bitchen boat right there.................good luck !!

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    thanks, this thing would be sick out on the water.

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    good luck.

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    Classic Daycruiser
    What year trailer? Condition of trailer? What's the history of the hull?
    Those chrome fenders do not come cheap.
    Is the $7000 firm, or would you be interested in a trade....?
    PM me...I might be interested in a trade.

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    its a 1980 competitive trailer, price is negotiable and no trades, too much stuff already.

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    new price $6000 come and get it, it will be a sick when finished!

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    Just wondering where the foot pedal is going to mount? I had one of these hulls and that brace from the dash to the tunnel has me thinking?:jawdrop:

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    my friend thought he was goona drive it from the right side, i would cut the brace out.

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    where is this boat located at? what is the story behind boat? is the pump and hyd complete is the intake mounted? is there enough room between stringer and center of dash for a stringer mounted gas pedal? has the dash all been replace or filled? Thanks!

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