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Thread: Why is it sooo difficult?

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    Coors Island Local
    I have been looking on the internet for used or remanufactured cicle boat hulls.....GN Rayson Craft....and PS Beismeyer. Why is it so hard to find these boats? There has to be one in someones barn or somebody remaking these classics. Any ideas or info?

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    the real k-boat king
    call dave rankin he is selling the canary hulls 818 468 2379

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    Dave Rankin has three Canarys in fiberglass. That is the same mold the SS80 came out of. (Phone number above)
    Brian Bergeron has the original Biesemeyer mold up and running and had fiberglass versions for sale and ready for delivery today. He will also lay you up a custom boat to your spec depending on what you want to run. Also options for layers of carbon in the bottom for full race applications.
    Joey Cucci has a mold and will build you a D'Cucci. Basically a biesemeyer bottom with a cutout for the driver. He is busy, but is willing to lay one up for you if he can schedule the time.
    All three of these options were not available one year ago. It is a great time in the flatbottom circle racing world. These hulls are finally available brand new again. Spread the word.
    If for some reason you cannot get Joeys number, let me know and I can dig it up for you.

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    mostly crue
    Joey's number is (928)505-5900.

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    DeFir Marine, in Oregon, can make you a RaysonCraft 21.
    Check out
    A new boat is not going to be cheep, though.

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    Coors Island Local
    What about the rayson crafts. Is any one bringing back those hulls for racing? 21ft gn style.
    Thanks for the help guys......

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    Howard has the molds for the 19 schiada.

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    Coors Island Local
    Any one doing revenge hulls?

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    I think that John Hart is still building them.

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    Those Canary boats haul ass.

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