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Thread: a little newby help please

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    I just picked up my first jet boat at very little cost to me. It is a 1981 Baja with a 454 chev and berkley jet. It runs great but I am having some problems with a water leak between the chev block and what I would call the bell housing in a truck. This leak is pressurized and on the starboard side right above where the starter is. is there a gasket in there I need to replace? or should I be looking for another problem?
    Thx in advance

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    A water leak between the block and the bell housing?? That makes no sense. Look closer to see where the leak is coming from. Also, check and or replace all of your water hoses before taking it out. If one of these bust open when your on the water your boat will fill up FAST!!! Only thing I can think of right now is that there is a pinhole leak in one of these hoses and it is spraying water near the area you mentioned...

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    How much water do you have in the bildge?
    You could be whipping it up with the flywheel if its too deep giving you the illusion that its spraying from somewhere.

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    There are waterjacket 'freeze plugs' at the rear of the motor. If you have an inspection plate at the bottom of your bellhousing you should be able to see the water dripping between the flywheel and the rear of the motor. Depending on your set-up you may be able to accomlpish this inspection by hooking up a water hose to the motor and pressurizing the system. Be carefull not use to much pressure.

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