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Thread: 455 exhaust ?

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    I want to get rid of my log exhaust and go with a over transom set, is there a place to find a used set? anything I should look for/stay away from. Thanks.

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    Jus keep in mind your boat is "almost" uninsurable once you go that route. I know from first hand experience.
    But when shopping, look for rusted out bottoms of the pipes. That seems to be the first place to go. And then the obvious, bluing etc. Appearance wise is up to you Ebay is a good start for the hunt, as well as the spam section here.

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    Insurance is very difficult to get up in ND, I still haven't found a company that will Insure the boat. And I was thinking of a set with a baffle option. do they need water? or can a person run "dry" exhaust ? if not what is purpose of the water?

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    There is a set on e-bay up for auction
    Oldsmobile 455 Bassett racing headers w/water injectors (#150151185488)

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    ol guy
    you will gain so little except visual. why bother. All you are doing is making the boat look racey and if you look at the minimal performancce pick up, why bother? If you want a race boat go with headers. And so you know on a basically stock motor the water logs acctually flow better and because of back-pressure acctually perform better than ot logs.

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    ol guy
    Also I would think about induction also. Do you want to make it pretty or fast? what boat, pump, and most of all what do you use the boat for?

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    Check rearward headers web site sometimes they have used stuff for sale.

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    I'm running bbo full oil restriction,flat top pistons, Edelbrock heads,10 qt pan and 30 over. It only has 3hrs on it and I guess I was expecting more bang for all my bucks, Most people say to get rid of my logs and run over transom exhaust to exploit my engine the way I intended to.
    Why do most exhaust have water lines going to them? for sound deadening?

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    I have a set of 455 headers for sale if interested. They are in great condition and also come with braces. Thanks Neil

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    I got insurance thru progressive,they didnt ask,so i didnt say!if you do get ot headers,get them ceramic coated.fired mine up for the fisrt time,no water going thru fo almost a hour,no problem.with-in 15 min.there safe to touch.

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