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Thread: Who actually witnessed the hit & run?

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    I want to put together a photo of the fountain and the graphics. I do graphics/Photoshop for living. I'm willing to work with the witnesses to do so. I've sent a PM to ThirdAlarm to have him call me so I can pick his brain a bit. I know I read in one of the other multiple threads that there was another witness that might be able to give me some more direction on graphics.
    PM me or call so I can get started on it. Thanks

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    Fountain has all of their basic designs on the web site. Hope this helps

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    I know. Yet not one says Fountain down the side. And they don't show that size boat. Someone else mentioned an oval. Others say all white, some say checkers. We need to nail down exactly what it is.

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    There was a red oval with a large FOUNTAIN in black ontop of the red oval.
    Diverno8 ....Why don't you try to p.m. Third Alarm? See if you can get the info you need.

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    Doh sorry Diverno8 .....I see you already tried that!

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