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Thread: SPAM...Chrysler OB for sale

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    Don't know what year(early 80's)...its a 115hp, motor is assembled and in running condition, lower unit is dis-assembeled. Have all parts neeeded for assemble, but need "ring and pinion" unit.(sorry for ignorance, I am not a outboard guy), prop included. Make me an OFFER...must sell!
    Oh I even have the trrottle and trim controls (hydrolic trim)
    P/M me with any questions or interests.

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    I think I do, I will check tomorrow. BUT Iam not parting this thing out, its all or nothing, I need it the **** out my garage! But I will check and let you know tomorrow.

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    Could you post the serial number off the motor, I might be able to use that lower unit. Just need to make sure it will work.

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    RD, I got all the controls for the trim pump and all hyd stuff..
    Barney: I got to go dig the motor out of the corner of the garage, give me a few min to get that serial #.

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    Ok Barney here ya go
    Serial# 2439
    Model # 1157H8A
    Even if yo don't want it, maybe some help with what thoes # mean would be great.

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    Many motors will have interchangeable parts with different part numbers, then linked to a series of Serial Numbers.
    The only way to get parts that will fit a motor is to have a Serial Number.
    I'll check on this one tomorrow!

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    Did you check out thoes #????

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    sorry dog
    I've heard LU's were a weakness on those, but find a used case shouldn't be too expensive since many these motors are languishing under tarps in backyards.
    I sold an entire motor for $300 a few years back. It only needed a power pack but Adios.

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    I don't even want $300 for it, just get it out of my garage. The lower unit has 90% new parts in it anyways. Make me an offer. Someone has to have a poontoon that needs a motor.

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