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Thread: SPAM-210 Hallett

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    Up 4 River
    I know I've thought about selling my boat in the past and have not, but I am now selling for sure. We are looking at a new home and boats will come and go but liquidity and emergency reserves are sometimes necessary. Looks like I'll have fun shopping for the next one in a year or so.
    1992 Hallett 210 Closed Bow
    Merc Cruiser 454
    Bravo 1 outdrive
    Bennett Trim Tabs
    Eclipse Stereo
    15" Sony Sub
    Four 6 1/2" speakers w/ 2 Tweeters
    Two channel & Four channel amps
    This boat has approx. a little over 170 hours on it. The boat is turnkey for a family or can be upgraded for someone wanting to add power. The interior is in great condidtion and the boat rides great. Is great for pulling skiers and cutting through rough water when need be. I had the service completed on it this past February and have kept it stored inside. Big Doug from the boards also detailed and buffed the entire boat and trailer this past Februray. The boat is currently in Parker but I will be bringing it to Orange County and have it stored inside for interested parties. If you have any questions please PM me. I am asking $22,000.
    Thank You,

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    That's a great looking boat. Good luck, and get some pictures up for those that haven't seen it.

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    Up 4 River
    Here are some more pics.

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    you need to resize them. You can do that in microsoft paint. Or, email to me @

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    Here is a link to an online resizer. Works good.
    Moce boat, good luck with the sale!

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    Better yet if you have XP, just download the "Image Resizer", right click resize done deal!..
    Powertoys! (

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    Big Kahunaa
    if i didn't just buy a toy box we would be talking

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    Up 4 River
    Some pics are now up for those interested.

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    Now that's a good looking 210. Being a 92 is it a carburated 454? And what kind of shape is the bottom in?

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    Up 4 River
    Now that's a good looking 210. Being a 92 is it a carburated 454? And what kind of shape is the bottom in?
    Yes, it is a carburated 454. The bottom is in good shape in my opinion. The hull has a couple of scrapes that could be cleaned up where the eye meets the trailer. None of them are significant enough that they are noticible unless you're up close. Bid Doug from the forums just detailed it this past spring. You can PM him and ask his opiniion from of the bottom of the hull. That way you get a third party non biased opinion. Any questions you have please feel free to ask of PM me.

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