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Thread: Koskonong Radar Runs

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    Well, the weather looks like absolute dog $hit. Whats everyones plan? I think we're gonna weather the storm and see how it goes, granted its not pouring. Last year the weather looked bad at first, but then it turned out to be a decent day....could history repeat itself....

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    If its raining when I get up, I'm probably not gonna go.

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    I'm going rain or shine, last year it was so foggy from the early morning drizzle, we were heading out in to the fog for the North shore. There has got to be some sun popping out on Saturday.

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    someone take some pics.

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    Sounds good Chuck, we'll see ya there.

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    Well, as the weatherman predicted, the weather is totally $hit. We swung by the Sunset at 1:30 in the car and there was about 10 boats out there (7 poontoon, 3 Bayliners). Looked like about 50 people at the bar, but wasn't any boats. Drove by, did a u-turn, and left.

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    Whisky Dick
    heard they rescheduled for next weekend. Can anyone confirm?

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    That would be the smart thing to do.....

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    Just called, they did them yesterday so sayeth the bimbo on the phone....

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    Im glad I didnt waste my time going. Did anyone get pix?

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