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Thread: our boy clown 472

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    '75 Miller
    I haven't been around for a while, but it seems everyone's favorite retard is still just a cut & paste assclown. Has the clown had any original thoughts lately or just the usual links to leftist/America hater websites?
    Still linking to disinformationclearinghouse I see. How 'bout aljazeera or, any links to them lately?
    How's the corn shaft 472? Were the doctors able to get it back to factory specs with that sleeve-job?

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    Steve 1
    The bent one could pass for a human housefly, example upon finding a pile of chit somewhere in a leftist sewer he sticks his tongue in it and then spread’s it around the forum.

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    Jun 2009
    Gentlemen I'm not screwing around any longer. Post on political topics per PR forum guidelines and stop badgering other members or you are gone from the PR forum. This thread is now closed.

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