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Thread: Opinions on Force outboards

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    I am looking into boats and a couple of people are telling me the force motors are no good. Should I pass up a killer deal because it has a force? The owner says its a great motor.

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    I think Force motors are garbage. Okay....the flame retardant is on.......... wink .........relax guys, it is just MY opinion. The Force O/B is basically an old Chrysler motor. Both the Chyrsler and Force motors were and continue to be notorious for having problems......and these are not just your wear and tear problems, they are poor engineering problems from what I understand. If the boat is a hell of a buy, and you don't mind the Force for right now, buy it and when the Force craps out, put an OMC or a Merc on the back. See how much time you get out of the Force, but do not, and I repeat do not put any money into the Force because you are just wasting it. Good Luck this incredible deal on a Bayliner by chance?

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    UH.....yeah, why? Give it to me straight, I dont need to make a mistake here, and its not like I have my hart set on either/or. Its just I want a boat, I have around a 5,000.00 limit and this one is well below it.

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    Bayliner boats are crap, force motors are crap, always have been always will be!! no matter how good of a deal it is not worth it!

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    anything made by US MARINE IS CRAP.opps did I say that(sorry merc guys lol)Bayliners above 29 feet are'nt made by us marine,they're not bad.but the force is a crabtrap anchor(BTW don't drain the l/u oil when u sink it,helps the fish swim faster)lol the last part was for the treehuggerslol

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    well its a 15' more of a bass boat for 1400.00, does that change anything?

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    well its a 15' more of a bass boat for 1400.00, does that change anything?Not to be an ass, but if you have a $5K limit, why are you looking at a $1,400 boat? Do you want a bass boat or are you settling on this because of price? If it is the type of boat you want, and you like the price go for it, but be prepared to replace the Force at some point. Good Luck

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    Back To Havasu
    A bargain on junk is not a bargain in reality. The modern day force was first developed by the West Bend company in the fifties, who couldn't resolve the engineering bugs, so sold it to Chrysler, who couldn't resolve the engineering bugs, who sold it to Brunswick, who also owned Mercury Marine and Bayliner. Force engines are primitive, and made with weak cheap components to be sold on Bayliner production boats as price leaders for Bayliner. If you buy this boat, it won't take long for you to realize that you, like the previous owner, need to sell this piece of junk.

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    I hear ya, and yeah I was looking at it because it was cheap, no its not what I want. The old guy who owns has had it since new and is in bad health so his son is selling it. Thanks guys for the opinions, now I know why it is sooo cheap.

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    I have a boat business and you could not begin to imagine the JUNK people bring in here that they "just got a great deal on". I really feel bad for a lot of them when they find out their "great deal" has a bad transom, floor, lower unit, powerhead, or any number of other problems. Their $1500 deal all of the sudden needs another $2000 worth of work just to make it "lake ready" and they still have a pile of crap. I see this on a daily basis. I sell a lot of used boats and they all have a 90 day full coverage warranty, I get bit sometime but I just don't have the heart to totally screw people. If you don't have the knowledge to check out what you are buying, then by all means PAY a boat shop to check it over for you. It will usually save you $$$ and may even give you some bargaining room. Most of the people selling aren't about to tell you about all the problems their particular boat may have, a good dealer will though. Also find out what all brands are serviced in your area.

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