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Thread: BoatCop: Apprehending Thieves in Parker,,,

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    The nitely rip-offs of valuables from boats is back at Emerald Cove.
    The victims are usually those too lazy to bring in their Skis or wakeboards, or too lazy to wade back out and get the Ipod or wallet/cash they forgot at nite.
    The rumor mill and Emerald Security (one and the same) says it's thieves on Kayaks crossing over from Az late at nite, but I think it's just campground guests of members mostly doing the stealing.
    The Kayak theory won't go away. The old buzzards are stubborn about it.
    If in fact we do see a Kayak making a get-a-way heading to AZ, should we just call 911?
    That will get the the CHP right? That could be slow.
    Is their a faster method to get the LEOS on the Az side alerted?
    What's your take?

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    Baja Big Dog
    After tipping the canoe over Id call the local....
    The problem with 911 on cell is that it does go to the Highway patrol, and its a pain in the ass for both you and the HP. They question you to determine where you are so they can get the right LEO's to respond. Its easier to call 411 and have them connect you to the locals....

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    After tipping the canoe over Id call the local....
    I would say a shot across the bow or into the hull would do the trick too.

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    I am at Emerald Cove now. We have left the skis in the water, but no valuables. i haven't heard of anyone losing anything.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    My daughter and her girlfriends hang-out all nite on our boat anchored 20 yds offshore playing iPod tunes until dawn.
    They see all kinds of stuff going down. People on and of the boats all nite long anchored along the shoreline & beach'd.
    Who's a thief and who isn't? Damiftheyknow.
    But, a kayak heading back across the river is very suspect.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    I am at Emerald Cove now. We have left the skis in the water, but no valuables. i haven't heard of anyone losing anything.
    And you probably won't hear anything about Emerald thefts until it hits around your campsite, so you're hearing it here.
    The employees don't talk about it, and act dizzy if asked about it.
    Bad for membership sales.
    Security will chat about it at the scene of the act.
    Friday nite, the boat anchored at #29 and a few others near-by got ripped off deluxe.
    Drinking water quality, thefts, overselling of memberships and the nitely stink - the Emerald Cove employees are hesitant to talk about.

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    The kayak/canoe rumor has been around for years. We haven't seen any indications of that happening.
    But just in case someone sees a phantom kayak leaving the shore at night, call our dispatch center direct at:
    There have been a rash of thefts (stereos, wake boards, etc.) from boats all up and down the River. Most on this side have been in the Parker Dam area. Havasu Springs, and other resorts/subdivisions.
    In the past, prior to 9/11, we tracked them over the Dam to the California side, but with the Dam crossing being closed from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM and guards there when it's open, I don't think that's the case any more.

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    Shoot them, that will get the attention of LEO

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Thanks BC, We'll program all the families phones.

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    Some thieves were caught breaking into garages at River Shore Estates last year. Once they got going they opened 6 garages including mine. As far as I know they were taking inventory and preparing when they were nabbed. Nothing was missing from my garage, although both locks had been cut. They did come across on a canoe...
    The SBCSO handled it until they passed it to the detectives at Needles.
    The plot thickens!

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