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Thread: Anyone know anything about this boat ?

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    Does anyone know anything about this boat ? Shape or has anyone seen it in person ? Need something bigger for the family . And it seems like a good Deal . And sorry i dont know how to post pics any other way.

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    A little help with the pic. Don't know the boat....

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    Looks like a Bahner to me ? How bout a HIN # Tom

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    It says it is a 1991 ultra bahama. 21ft. Harman 454. In the Ad.

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    Where is it in BHC, I'll do a drive by

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    I dont know where exactly it is located at. I e-mailed him to day . It is listed on e-bay i just thought it looked like a good deal so who knows.
    Where is it in BHC, I'll do a drive by

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    I talked to a guy yesterday about a Bahner here in Phx. 21' cruiser closed deck. Guy wants 6500. Says it has a 13:1 468 in it and has known the boat since it was new. Found it on craigslist.
    You might want to take a look. Also saw a really clean Kona with no motor for 2500.
    I'm sort of in the same situation. Looking for an open bow cruiser to try out. If I really like it I'll pull the mill and pump from the Hallett and swap them for the stock pieces in whatever I get.

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    looks a lot like the boat Mdunn01 just bought...

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