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Thread: A.O. DECKBOAT vs CONQUEST??????????

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    Not So Fast
    While looking thru the classified section I noticed American Offshore's add on 2007 decks. I never understood how 2 boat builders can make the identical boat (looks the same to me) without a conflict.:idea: Who is doing who to what, anybody know how this happens, just curious?? NSF

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    They aren't as much alike this year as they were last year. It's a game of who splashed who Conquest splashed the bottom and AO splashed the top. AO did a rework of a number of things when they moved the manufacturing facilities to Riverside like the walk through and the front and rear swim steps as well as now offering full gel coat options. Otherwise they are definitely similar. I thnk the AO is probably a little faster under the same power though. (lighter layup, more like the East coast guys do it from what I understand.)

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    AO, Conquest & Eliminator are pretty much the same hull. The big difference is how they're made. The last time I saw all 3 models, the Conquest and Eliminator had superiour workmanship. The AO seemed to be "stripped" down and they used a lot of plastic parts whereas Conquest & Eliminator used stainless steel. All of the hardware pieces seemed superior on the Conquests & Eliminators. Overall, it appeared that AO uses lower quality parts to build their boats and that's why they're able to price them so much lower.

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    But they are not compared as the same as the Eliminator that is a totally different lower hull design, the A/O and conquest use the old Talon bottom where the eliminator is another totally different bottom...

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    Keith Sayre would have the most info. as to who has what as far as molds go. Genesis is building the A/O's in Ca. Genesis brothers have backed up their boats in the past with fixing things, at least. They had the blue one on their site up at Havi. a month ago for test rides. It was for sale at a Phoenix dealer.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    While noone really knows or says where they got what bottom or top from,
    the rumors that I've heard are as follows: it would appear that the Talon person got it right from the start! Hats off for him. Then going back to about 1990 the American Offshore company and the Conquest company
    both showed up with bottoms that to me seem very similar. In 1997, when
    Conquest redid the top of their boat, they sold the old "plug" to Eliminator.
    If they've changed the bottom I haven't heard about it but who knows.
    There are about 8 other companies on the west coast that currently use
    a bottom that seems very similar for their cats and deckboats. As for the
    tops, back in 1997 Eliminator changed the front of the deck giving the people
    in the front seats more back height. Then about 3 years ago, the American
    Offshore company showed up at the LA boat show with a deck that seems
    a bit similar to some of the others.
    Bruce Nescher, the late owner of Sleekcraft and Conquest certainly hit the
    nail right on the head with his deck design in the early 90's. Magic Boats
    has taken that great idea and made it the most popular way in the west
    to go boating for the family!
    Keith Sayre

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    I agree the talon botton is by far a superior bottom, and they did it right...

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    There's a big price difference between an Conquest & the AO. How can AO build a boat much cheaper than Conquest? It's gotta be more than just the name. Who knows of anything Conquest/AO does during layup that contribute to the big price difference?

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    After seeing many Conquests in person, I can say they are very well rigged. Top of the line parts, and very high attention to detail.

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    After seeing many Conquests in person, I can say they are very well rigged. Top of the line parts, and very high attention to detail.
    Bingo - after seeing the AO Deckboat, I could see me doing a lot of upgrades and/or repair work down the line. IMO their parts would detoriate or break much quicker and easier than a Conquest, especially, in the heat.

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