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Thread: 1981 wolfer tunnel hull

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    im listing for my brother,he has owned this boat for over 1 is a copy of a cp tunnel,mantra was built in ward arkansas.this boat is in excellent condition turn key and is extremely are the specs on the boat.
    18ft tunnel dominator pump,shoed intake,top loader,c-cut impeller dominator brand,bowl is dominator as well,new place divirder droop and place divirder,
    motor is 350sbc roller
    specs,forged steel crank turned 10-10, forged,rods have been resized,polished,and,lightened,arp bolts throughout the mill.
    block is .60 over.speedpro forged pistons flat tops,heads are bowtie angle plug,with ss manley valves,2.02-1.60.harland sharp roller is a doug herbert,solid roller,specs are-lift-625-625,duration at.050-261-270.adv duration-299-308.on a 106lobe sep. intake is a weiand tall single plane with a 800 holley on also has a 125hp powershot nos kit on it..basset twisties,
    msd 6al box with hei with msd goodies inside and out.
    the boat was repainted solid competion yellow in the winter of 07.ppg concept single stage urethane with all ppg products under rubrail all around the boat.excellent condition.
    the trailer is in good shape double axle with new shackle kit all aorund it the rubber is in good shape with nice wheels.
    guages are autometer older stlye but work good and look good as has 10 gallon fuel cell in the middle of the boat as well.
    okay this boat is extremely quick for a sbc do not let that little motor fool you he has hurt some bb feelings in cove racing little bastard is quick as hell.
    the boat turns 5200-5300 motor,on the juice,5900.speed on the motor is 70-71,juice,78mph.not to shabby for a small block but the boat is a tunnel and weight is light.he is selling b/c he just bought a basket tx-19 so he needs the money to sink into the other project .i promise this boat will not dissapoint anyone buying or looking for this style of a boat you could and will not build one like this for that.he is asking 7,000 as it sits and says he will jew down but hes pulling shit off.his name is brian and he lives in greenwood arkansas,near fort smith home-479-996-6682.or you can pm me and we can call you.thanks travis.
    i have aton of oics so if you want more i can pm them to you these are just a few
    this is the only pics of the trailer i have before the boat wa redone.

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    hey , i know that boat its a nice boat guys, ya can run all day in that thing for @20gallons for 5-6hrs of play time.

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    hi tom yes toms uncle sold the boat to my bro. he is the one that built the motor.

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    COME ON GUYS:idea:

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    pm'ed ya....

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    is that the one with the fuel tank in the floor?

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    How does that work???Between the tunnels??

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    is that the one with the fuel tank in the floor?
    yes it is my sits between the is a nice aluminum fuel cell that impatient1 uncle built for it.

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    how much without power? I'd like to see a pic of the tank/floor if you have any.

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