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Thread: This is why I love being a Contractor....

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    LOL!!!! Gotta be in the business to understand I guess

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    It seems the contractors do that to me...LOL
    Oh, you were talking about the blonde, sorry

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    Ive been in the buiss for 25+ yrs , 18 0f them have been as a super ,,, I know all about change orders..........:idea:

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    at first i was like oh cool he gets to work on building docks in the marinas then i saw the boats....

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    Ummmm, Ocean Hogg, Right?

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    he got lucky
    almost all my change orders got CHANGED TO SUE ME ORDERS

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    We are actually really good on change orders. We do a cost breakdown when we submit. We do this in hopes that it will be considered when it comes bid time for the next job, but it rarely is. Anyone need an honest commercial pipeline contractor ?

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    I love that the dingy is named "Original Contract"

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    Buddy of mine owns a framing business and his boat is named "Framed Out".

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