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Thread: Chevy engine clarification

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    Whisky Dick
    what is a 496? Just a 454 stroker. What about the "Mag"? just lingo for stroker motor, what about the difference between a 496 and 496 HO?

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    496 is a 454 with a 1/4 inch stroke and the ho stands for high output.

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    late model 496 is a completely different motor than a stroked 454...

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    Whisky Dick
    different block? what makes the motor HO different heads?

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    Yes, the foundation is completely differnet between old & new.
    On the mag vs. HO, I dont know the differences. Probably cam, heads, forged etc...

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    The new 496 is a GEN VII motor. Different block than the GEN IV 454. Also the heads are the Vortec type. Not sure if any parts really interchange. The 454 can be stroked to 496, but as was already stated, it's not the same as a new 496.
    The 496 HO is a high performance version. The early versions had a fordged crank(2000-2001) timeframe. The newer ones are all cast motors. I think 600HP is about as far as they are really safe to.

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