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Thread: steel braid gas lines

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    i have my boat tore down for winter maintenance.i would like to replace the fuel and trim pump lines with steel braid an type fittings instead of hoses with ugly hose clamps.dont see this done much.engine is 2.5 merc the steel braid not coast guard approved for fuel line?the an fittings are faster to work on after initial installation.

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    I am going to do the same thing on my fuel lines. I am pretty sure the fuel lines are coast guard approved or you wouldn't have all these high dollar car engines with steel braided lines. I think you need to specify when purchasing that the lines will be used for gas. Good Luck, and take some pictures. I have a couple of other projects lined up first and would like to see how yours turns out.

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    randy77zt, I have no idea whether or not it is Coast Guard approved but done properly it is the way to go.
    HD, don't forget my offer to help when you get to that stage, I have the force

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    during a visual inspection of fuel rail on engine i found the 90 fitting at bottem of fuel rail to have a very small inside diameter.but bottem of fuel rail is threaded for an style fitting.i was looking at motor on stand in garage with earl's race car plumbing catalog in hand.fitting is brass-looks like a hardware store part.this will be gone soon.

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    fitting is brass-looks like a hardware store part.this will be gone soon. Exactly, why do they put this crap on O/B?
    Burbanite, I will take you up on your offer, perhaps this summer sometime when you aren't too busy at the shop! smile_sp

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