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Thread: Rotting transom on Laser, How much should it cost?

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    James Zazula
    Can anyone tell me the quality of this hull. I recently purchased a Laser 240 Ray 1987 model, it has a 1989 Johnson 200h GT that was rebuilt 2 years ago. It has a hydrolic jack plate, which gave it 4 inches of set back. The boat runs good with a 25 pitch prop. On GPS it ran 74mph. At the end of the boating season I found that my transom was rotting and to replace it I've been quoted by 2 places it will cost $3,200. Everything on the boat is in great shape other than the transom. Does $3,200 seem reasonable to replace the transom? Or am I being taken to the cleaners? Does the boat even seem worth spending that much on?

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    Price is probably pretty close, be 100% sure you get a good warranty in writing, the ones we replace at my shop get a lifetime warranty and most are in the 1500-2500 dollar range.

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    what are they making the transom out of for a wood and glass transom i would expect u should pay no more than $1500

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    James Zazula
    ratso do you now much about this hull it is in great shape it say's lazer 240 ray on the boat it seem's good ride's good.

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    James Zazula
    i am not shure i told him just fix it so it don't happen again do you know much about this hull?

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    I think they are on the expensive side. I had my transom done in about 1995 and it cost roughly $1,600. Granted my transom is small (19' Eliminator Daytona), but then again, it is tough to work on because there is little to no room to maneuver in this small of a boat. I would recommend getting a second quote. Once you have it done, it is mandatory to put a transom saver on your trailer. This extends from the trailer's cross member to the gearcase of the outboard and holds it sturdy while on the road. The lack of a transom saver is what caused my motor bracket to start loosening up and then water to get in it and rot it out! Make sure the transom saver is strong and secure with little play. I had a custom one fabricated that mounts to the very bottom of my mid-section so that the paint on my gearcase does not get scuffed up. Good Luck

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    i do all my work myself it is very easy and inexpensive

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    WOW, someone that has actually admitted that fiberglass work is easy and inexpensive, I have to disagree. Sure, some transoms and floors can be done in a day and some may take two weeks. Some jobs are simple and easy and some you will cuss until you are blue in the face. Been doing this almost 30 years. Always thought snappertrapper was full of it, now I KNOW he is. Let snapper do that transom for 1500 and see how long it lasts, I've seen a lot of 1500 dollar transom jobs, I redo them all the time.

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    James Zazula
    I went to another guy today for another quote. In his lot he had boats from Hydrostream to Fountains, and everything in between. He quoted me $1700 with a guarantee that it would not break. Rotting is my own problem but he said it would hold up fine even with a 300X. I am hearing alot of talk that I am not spending enough and that I am spending too much. Right now I'm am lost on who to use. The guy who charges $1700 and has every boat in his yard you could think of, or the guy who is in the back woods of Northern Wisconsin who charges $3200 but really sounded like he knew what he was doing. I am trying to post pictures of my boat but I am having problems. Can anyone give me tips on this? ratso I've read alot of stuff you have put on other peoples questions can you help?

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    James, can't find my older book, might try, I only go back to 87 with this one and it doesn't list the model you have. $1700 seems very reasonable (cheap) on the transom job. I use a lot more laminates than most of the other repair people seem to use and also guarantee it better than most others do. I even guarantee against rot damage as long as they don't have anyone else drill any holes or change anything out such as the motor etc. I tell them we must do all that and re-seal everything our way. Usually transom damage starts with the person who rigged the boat originally.

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