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    I have a 5.9 (360) liter V8 with an exhaust leak. My mechanic is telling me that these motors don't use exhaust gaskets and that my manifold is warped and needs to be replaced. I hadn't heard of that and just looking to confirm. It is a 1998 Durango.

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    Could be true, it's true on many GM vehicles. BTW, there may be gaskets available in the aftermarket, don't use them.

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    Xlration Marine
    Time for a new machanic .
    Same block as the 318, just a little bigger. And balanced inside not the outside like the 318. Put some 340 heads or the Mopar swirle port heads on that thing or the w5. I loved my old dodge. I could sit on the fender and work on it. Change and altinator in 5 minutes flat. So much room, so many problems. My first one had 160,000 when I left her.

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    Most do not have a gasket. You can remove the manifold and have it resurfaced to smooth up the warpage. It could be cracked. Also Felpro generally makes exhaust gaskets for these and they are metal lined. I also use Permitex high heat silicone and place a very thin layer on the gasket.
    But have it surfaced at a machine shop.

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    Thanks guys. I'd rather just replace it if it did not come with gaskets.

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    ratso easy...a midget could do it...

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    HM easy...a midget could do it...
    It is 105 degrees, someone else is doing it.

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    It is 105 degrees, someone else is doing it.

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    While the exhaust manifolds are off...maybe a set of shorty replacement headers?
    I thought about that, but it is a 1998 Durango with 107,000 miles on it. I am driving it fairly easy as I'd like to get 250K++ miles on it. I wouldn't notice the performance with the way I drive it.

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