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Thread: We are walking to end Alzheimer's -- your support will be most appreciated

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    A while back, beaverretriever posted a thread about his uncle Frank and how seeing him deteriorate from the advanced stages of the disease has affected beaverretriever much more than he thought it would.
    We learned that many of you also have family who were affected with the fatal disease. From that, we took the opportunity to make a difference and help others like uncle Frank by signing up to participate in the Memory Walk ( October.
    For uncle Frank, the funds we raise will be too late to help him but we are walking in his honor and to help others with Alzheimer's, further research, and raise funds to aid those family coping with the disease.
    More information about the event is below but you can skip it all and donate here: Every little contribution counts and will be much appreciated! Thank you for your support. ( click on photo to start song, "Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
    Millions of American families are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. One of those families is one of our own, Frank and Leanna Costanza. Uncle Frank (pictured above with Johnny) has been living with Alzheimer's for the past 8 years and is now in the advanced stages of the disease. This debilitating disease is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. and every 72 seconds, someone is diagnosed with the disease.
    Recently, Frank and Leanna made a surprise visit to Las Vegas. It was good to see them and we had a great time but we were deeply saddened by the gravity of Uncle Frank's condition. I posted photos and wrote a little bit about our short visit with them the first time ( and once again ( before they left for their home in Montana.
    For all of those millions of people fighting this disease and to honor Uncle Frank, Johnny and I are participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter Memory Walk ( ) this October 20th right here in Las Vegas.
    We hope to be able to raise at least $2,000 to support the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter*, which provides consultation, information and referral, and support programs to those affected by Alzheimer’s. Our first donation of $150.00 came from Henderson Harley Davidson (! (For every $500 we raise, our names will be placed in a drawing to win one of two awesome trips to Las Vegas. We'd like to surprise Uncle Frank and Leanna with the award if we win.)
    We know we can achieve our fundraising goal with the support of friends like you. Would you please consider making a donation to the Alzheimer's Association? No amount is too small because collectively, we can make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer's. You can give online through the link below.
    Thank you,
    Johnny & Daly
    beaverretriever & I'mtheBeaver
    *The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter ( is the first and largest health and social service organization dedicated to providing support for these families affected by dementia, finding prevention methods, treatments and an eventual cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

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    Here is the post I made about our uncle.
    Any amount will help. 1 dollar, 5 dollars or 500. It doesn't matter. If any of you have a loved one with this diease and have experienced it first hand you know how horrible it is.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Heck, we are not asking for much. 1.00 will help. I know you guys blow money like its going out of style. This is a great cause.
    We have NEVER done anything like this before but this really hit my wife and I hard and we would like to make a difference.

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    I will personally take beer donations (! It's going to be a long walk... Just kidding, we'd gladly take in monetary donations ( what you'd spend in beer (or hard liquor) donations. So it would be nice to receive some donations ( from the Patron drinkers. Keystone lovers are also welcome to donate (
    I am imagining it raining silvers and paper bills as I'm walking Madonna in her Material Girl video (!!
    The money does go in our pockets but to the Alzheimer's Association to fund research and services for families that are struggling with Alzheimer's.
    Donate ( in memory of your loved ones. Donate ( in honor of those that are still here; love and do for them while you still can.

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    Man, you guys suck. I posted this on a car site I belong to and most of the people on there don't have a dime and we have already got at least 5+ donations.

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    I know that it seems money is always going out for one thing or another but whatever you can donate will be greatly appreciated.
    We are looking for support through more names on the roll call of contributors! You don't even have to disclose the amount you donated. If just 200 people donate $10, we will exceed our goal! Or 400 donating $5. If we had a dollar for every visit to this thread, we would have raised $89 or more.
    You can donate in honor of someone or in memory of another. So please, get your credit, debit card out and visit the site:
    We have never asked strangers, friends, or family for money but we believe it is a great cause. We are doing this for our uncle (, for the millions of others out there with Alzheimer's, for those who can't walk, for those who are no longer with us...and those who are still here.
    We would love to just give all the money we raise to our uncle and his wife but that would be helping only two people. It is too late for him (he will most likely die within this year) and the money will be put to good use for others and the research to stop this disease.
    If you still have funds available in your donation budget, we would love to see your names on the roll call (!!

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    (Said in my best Steven Wright voice)
    I went on an Alzheimer's walk once.
    But I couldn't find my way home after it was over.
    Donation's been set up!

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    (Said in my best Steven Wright voice)
    I went on an Alzheimer's walk once.
    But I couldn't find my way home after it was over.
    Donation's been set up!

    AWESOME... thanks Alan, I take back everything I ever said about cops...JK . If you knew my uncle you would definitely know why this means so much to us. Thank you for caring. Like my wife said, we have never asked anyone for money, but we feel that this is an awesome cause. Thanks again bro.
    A little info on my awesome uncle Frank he is a pretty famous guy. He has had two Hot Rod magazine cover cars, won the LA roadster show and countless others.
    He was a historian for the movies and all the producers liked his old timey look so much they put him in the movie as well.
    The biggest movie he was in was Dances With Wolves. He played Lt Tucker.

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    Hey, no problem.
    All kidding aside, I HAVE been on a few "Alzheimer's walks".
    Pepper (my bloodhound) and I have many miles on our paws out traipsing through the desert Searching for Alzheimer's folks who've wandered away. Although we found some of them OK, others haven't turned out so well.
    Anything to help halt this disease will benefit more than just the victims and families.

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    Friday morning bump. Instead of having that extra 9 dollar martini tonight put it toward somthing that will help millions of people with this diease.
    I am really supprised that this has not hit home with more people.

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