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Thread: 225 optimax problems???

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    NO POWER!!! Poor horsepower, gettin beat by a stock 175 opti. Checked fuel pressure, no codes, but plugs look rich. compression seems ok. air pressure good also. Anybody an opti expert out there????

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    We need more information. What type of boat is the motor on? How big is it? How heavy? What type and pitch prop? What RPM are your turning? There might not be much wrong if the boat with the 175 is a smaller, lighter, more efficient boat!

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    O.B eddie
    Put some nos onit all problems solved.

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    Check for fuel in the air presure side of your fuel rail. I have replaced alot of blown tracker valves on that motor. By the why get use to the rich look on the plugs all Optis are like that. Also check the low presure lift pump.

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    Havasudreamin, The two boats are the exact same. Both are 1993 18.5 Raider/raptor hulls. This boat used to run about 80 before it would start to get loose, now it has lost it's holeshot and mid power and will only run about 70 Maybe! Prop has remained the same, a 25 trophy four blade and the set up is the same with a Mercury power transom. The Tracker valve was checked by the dealer and fuel and air pressures test to spec. The compression is good and proper plugs are being used. Any ideas on what would cause performance to drop off so extremely? (sorry about the delay on replying)

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