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Thread: How to mount throttle pedal

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    How are yall anchoring the pedal own to the floor? I don't want to have it pull up through the threads. I also don't know how much room I have to work with between the floor and the bottom of the hull. Thanks

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    I just use the 4 screw holes it came with, never moves one bit and I stand on it hard!

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    What kind of screws do you use? Thanks

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    Whatever ones fit in the holes........they are stainless and about 2 inches long.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Use 1/4 in flat head stainless screws. Drill an 1/8 inch pilot hole in holes from marks made using gas pedal as a template. You can feel it when it goes thru false floor. measure the drill bit and use correct lenth screws or just use 3/4 inch lenth screws most bottoms are thicker than that. Pat

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    Don't want pull-put, then do this.
    Mark the 4 holes from the pedal mount.
    Drill 4 small holes.
    Go to the hardware store and buy 4 BRASS MACHINE THREAD INSERTS, drill the 4 holes to the proper size, and epoxy them in with an appropriate slow-set epoxy (like the venerable 24-hour J B Weld), in the hole AND on the sides of the insert. Try to get 100% coverage without huge puddles in the boat.
    Once set (the next day), anti-sieze the machine screws/capscrew/bolts into the inserts, use good flat washers to the pedal mount and good lockwashers (all stainless steel), and don't worry about it. Mine haven't even loosened up from vibration to need snugging up. They will never rot out.
    A dab of blue locktite (#242) makes an effective insurance policy against looseness down the road, er, lake but I have no trouble with anti-sieze and lock-hardware.
    Drive the inserts with a short bolt, just long enough to fill the insert, with a flat washer atop the insert (with the slightest film of oil or a-s on the bottom of the washer just to keep from gluing IT into place), and anti-sieze on the entire bolt threads section.
    This insures no epoxy in the threads. Next day just unscrew the too-short bolt and pop off the washer.

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    ah... Go with a lightening stringer mount foot pedal. No worries at all.

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    The stringer mount doesn't work if you have a v-bottom with a floor.

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