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Thread: 26 Daytona/5.0 Whipple

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    What a great weekend! My boat ran perfectly, and took some pics. of this nice Daytona that was with us. Friend was upping boost and remapping injection. The 5 liter Whipple looks bigger in person that I thought.
    Here are some pictures of the customer's boat that Pacific Power Boats
    built the motor for...

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    Nice !

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    Went for a ride in this boat, motor was very responsive. turn key and it was simply running.
    Smooth power delivery,no hiccups at all.
    So here are some numbers.....
    509! cu. in., AFR 355's, Accel DFI, 9 lbs. boost/pump gas, 1:36 drive and 30p
    unlabbed B1, 110 gps in Portland, 102 gps at this lake which is 2900' and 97 deg. day. Pretty solid speeds for a little 509. The heads are big, because a 540 short block is in the works. Also,a max machine billet drive/lower is on order.

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    Beautiful rigging!

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    very nice rigging who did it

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    Pacific Power Boats in Portland did the rigging, built the motor and did all the fuel mapping. Accel DFI is the way to go... 503-288-9350
    Stereo was installed locally, around 9K I heard.

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