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Thread: BHC news on new stores, etc.....

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    I very rarely go into a Target but it is nice to see new business coming to town. Never been to a Kohl's...what kind of a store is it?
    By NEIL YOUNG/The Daily News
    Thursday, August 16, 2007 7:36 PM PDT
    ON TARGET: The walls are almost up at the new Target store at the Mojave Crossing Center as construction proceeds on the new store and extension of the Bullhead Parkway Thursday. JEFF MANGUM/ The Daily News
    BULLHEAD CITY - Activity has picked up in a major way at Mohave Crossroads shopping center on the west side of Highway 95 just south of Mohave Community College.
    The Target store has “gone vertical” and looms large over the landscape.
    At Thursday's Rio Lomas neighborhood meeting it was revealed that Kohl's will begin all night “concrete pours” at 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.
    Both Target and Kohl's will open in March.
    In addition, behind-the-curb highway work starts Monday, as the developer prepares to add turn lanes onto Highway 95.
    Currently, crews are removing dirt from a flood control channel in the shopping center just south of the Bullhead Parkway. They're using that dirt to “build up” the Parkway extension.
    The Parkway will be extended west of Highway 95 into the shopping center at the developer's expense as part of the agreement with Bullhead City.
    The Highway 95 lane additions, flood control channel and Parkway extension will all be completed in January, according to Greg Rabb of Weingarten Realty Investors, which owns most of the shopping center.
    No new tenants were revealed this month but Rabb said it's “getting awful close” and promised when they are announced, they will be “National retailers. Ones that you'll all recognize.”
    The next neighborhood meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sept. 20 at St. John Lutheran Church, 1664 Central Ave.

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    Kohl's is like a Mervyn's but a lot nicer

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    I guess I will have to check one out sometime....Thanks

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    the funniest thing about Kohls is, they have the "biggest sale of the year" every weekend.

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