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    Hello All!
    I just installed a new cd Apline player on my boat and when I turn the volume up past a certain point it'll power out. Like the head unit is not getting enough juice. There is no amp installed at this time, however I AM planning on installing one in the very near future.
    My question is if the radios already cutting out like this without any other amp draw, how will my battery system be able to support a Real Sound system?
    The stereo was installed using the harness inside the boat. Should I directly connect the power wires from the head unit straight to the battery and have a swich to turn on the cd player? Will this elinimate the turning off?
    On a marine CD player, is the only difference the coating on the circuit boards? I know that autos have like a 165amp alternator and CD players run just fine. but the boats got a 55 amp alternator.
    Just replaced the alternater with a new 55amp, and also just installed a StowAway dual purpose (Starting/Deep Cycle) battery.

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    measure the voltage with a volt meter. maybe the voltage is not your problem.
    your speakers may be intermittently bad

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    Mr. Naudio
    Have seen them head units shut off if the power wires are to small.Run larger wire to battery. (same for power and ground)Dont know how far your going most times 14ga is more than adequate.

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