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Thread: Proppelor mercury 200xri

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    what proppelor must i use for a mercury 200xri on a phantom 21 feet??

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    how many rpm's do you want to turn? how heavy is your boat? i would try maybe a
    14 3/8 x 24 or 25 any more questions please feel free to email me at

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    I have a Phantom 25 w/Promax 300. I have seen many Phantom 21's and with a 200 HP it should run approx. 70 - 75 mph. What is your reccommended rpm and gear ratio? If the gears are 1:1.87 and max rpms approx. 6000, you should try a over hub Chopper II 26 inch prop or Tempest 26 A45 or Laser II 25/27. All props are high rake round ears for bow lift. Cleavers are not goot for your rig. Checkout also OMC SRX props (over hub).
    You should also get hold of a powerlift with 5-7 inch of setback for your bow heavy hull.
    Try also to rebalance your hull, get as much weight aft. Then you do not need so much positiv trim = more speed.
    Tou can email me at
    Cheers, Toffen G

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    You could also try Merc ET props pending on how much you need of positiv trim.
    Cheers, Toffen G

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    Is a bravo 1 propellop 24pitch allright for this?? This is a standard outboard engine. And how fast will it go then???

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