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Thread: Looking for a Lifeline Chute jacket...

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    I need a chute jacket in Medium or maybe large if anyone out there has one for sale that they are not using anymore.
    Tony 916 933-5750

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    DAMN!!, I just GAVE one away this morning.

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    Get it back, and I'll buy it!!

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    boat 569
    If you end up buying a new one let me know. I have a voucher for 25% off that I will give you.

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    Wow that is really a nice offer.
    I will buy a new one if I can't find one here in the next week or two so I'll take you up on that if it does not happen.

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    Anyone out there have one, otherwise I'm going with a new one?

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    best price I have found was at Tell Fred Rick/jeff borba from vegas sent you.

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