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Thread: MSD wiring diagram for jetboat

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    Anybody got somthin?

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    didn't know jet boats required a differant wireing diagram than anything else.
    go to msd's web site, every thing you need is there

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    Yep. Follow the MSD diagram for ALL uses. A boat is not different (including a jet-drive boat).
    Also use a PLENTY BIG 12vdc power feed wiring.

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    dan, the distructions and wireing diagram are in the box. its a simple deal though. but like allready mentioned, use a big power and ground wire. 2 ground wires are even better. one to the block and the other striaght to the battery (negative side dan). also use the rubber mounting peices for the box. if you need i have the diagram sitting right here.

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    What box is it? My Digi 6 was like this:
    Red to battery +, thick black to Battery negative.
    Small black & Orange to Coil(black negative, orange positive)
    Small red wire to 12v switched ignition.
    If running the MSD distributor, cut the green loop.
    Or something like that

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    No but I have a troubleshooting diagram!

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