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Thread: 525-550 HP .........On a Budget!!!!

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    Getting ready to assemble a fresh engine to sell, don't have a total price figured out yet, but will be 468 cu in with approximately 10.3 to 1 compression KB pistons (#257), freshly resized GM rods, freshly ground crank, balanced assembly, Crane 286H cam, ported and polished GM 990 heads with new springs and retainers to match cam. Realistically, it should easily fall in the 525-550 HP range. At this point it could be painted whatever color someone wanted, all parts available for inspection before assembly, and changes could be made to suit your application, jet, sterndrive, or V-drive. We could also discuss a different cam, or options like roller rockers, intake, etc.

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    Sold this one to a HB member(I can probably put you in touch with him as a reference), ready to build something similar if someone is looking for some new power?

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    You never did post a price:idea:

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    You never did post a price:idea:
    Nope, I sold it real quick, upgraded with aluminum heads.
    I can give you a quote if you know what you are looking for. Drop me a PM and let me know what you are looking for.

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    im pretty intrested. im lookin for a new motor now. give me a call 909-896-6549

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