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Thread: 105 Octane worth it?

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    I have twin 300 OBs on my boat. Merc says I need 91 and I always run 91. So is there any benefit to running 105 or a 50/50 mix of 105 and 91?
    In cars they say it's a waste to run any octane higher than what's recommended, does the same hold true for boats running in 110+ temps?

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    My thinking on this has always been that you -may- notice some seat of the pants improvement, but unless you're willing to change your tune (basically timing and fuel, and not sure how you do that on O/B's) you won't really be able to take advantage of the 105, and probably not worth the extra cost.

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    centerhill condor
    for the money..stick with the super. The condor has run on race gas and it runs better until the lighter fractions boil off..and it smells a little 100 dollar bills!

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    Thanks guys, kind of figured as much. But the 105 sure does smell good .

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    Thorazine Shuffle
    If you really like that smell, CAM 2 makes an additive/octane booster to give you that cool exhaust funk...

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