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Thread: C. Man birthday

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    Blown to the Bone
    Happy birthday !!!! better get started on that flatty now ! lot more fun than the air planes....
    wish I was 14 again ...
    guess its time for a new calendar also !

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    Junior Member Hud's Avatar
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    http://www.*** Happy Birthday "C Man" ...........C'mon!

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    Happy Birthdaty C-man.... How is the golf game? I hope better then the last time we played.

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    Happy Birthday Little Buddy Thanks for all the help in Long beach!!!

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    Feb 2009
    Happy Birthday Conner! Good seeing you in Needles

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    Feb 2009
    Happy Birthday Conner........
    BTW Conner, Are you going to be the "HEAD Cheese" on the "Sea Donkey".....
    If so I would "DEMAND VESSEL ASSIST"

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    Rattle Can Lou
    Hey Conner...happy b-day.
    I gotta noogie waiting for ya...
    Uncle Rattle Can

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