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Thread: 454 Dist cap wiring.

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    454 Dist cap wiring.
    Changing my dist cap, wires, plugs and noticed that what's on the motor doesn't jive with the numbers on the cap. The numbers on the cap are consistant with what's in my service manual.
    The wires are setup 18436572 but not starting where the book (and cap) indicate.
    Currently, the #1 wire is in the hole closet to the carb. The book and cap indicate that it should be at the top left (if your standing at the front of the motor looking back at the dist.) Basically, the wires are a few spots advanced of what the book shows.
    Is this done to advance the timing or should I try doing it as the cap and book indicate?

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    Put it back the way it was. Do not change it to what "the book" shows or it isn't going to run. For some reason the distributor has been installed in an orientation other than what your book shows.

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    The distributor cap doesn't care which hole is #1.....
    As long as the rotor is pointing to that hole when the #1 piston is at TDC, the wire goes to that cylinder, and the rest of the wires are in the correct firing order it's OK.
    Does that make sense?
    I just drop in the distributor and wherever the rotor ends up is #1......:sleeping:

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    Makes sense. Thanks.
    I guess you really have to be careful to check where #1 is before you pull the old cap and wires off.

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    they're right...and in case you didn't know...the engine will run with the distributor wired backwards just enough to really piss you off..don't ask how I know.

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