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Thread: what blower to buy

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    im putting together a 82 sanger mini day v-drive. its currently at bullett fiberglass for some stringer replacement because i want it perfect. im building a mild big block .30 over 454 but i always wanted to go blown. im looking at blower kits and there are several kinds. i dont want the WEIND cause i dont care for the looks of it. im debating on THE BLOWER SHOP or a BDS. whats the diff in 1V or 2V hell whats that mean? whats the diff in marine vs non? with my set up should i go with a 671 or a 871 i noticed my books dont show BDS with a 671 for a bbc. can i get some input on what is the best way to go

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    BA Kurtis
    You will probley get a better responce if you post this over in Blower Motors, good luck sounds like a cool progect.

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    I'm probably one of the few guys NOT running an intercooler in GN, and I am having zero detonation issues. There may be some HP to have, but for a mild lake boat, it's $2K of bling.
    There are a number of good blowers out there--already listed above--so my $0.02 is a shop near where you keep the boat, if possible. It's more convenient for annual tune ups, parts, service etc.
    A 6-71 could give you all that motor can handle, although an 8-71 is easier to re-sell, should you decide to at a later date. It's really easy to go overkill on features, so talk to someone like Littlefield (Mert, the owner, not some guy who answers the phone) who has a lot of experience with boats, to make sure you have what you need. BDS and some of the others have good stuff, but not a lot of knowledge for your particular application.
    Finally--this is really important--make sure your fuel delivery system is beefed up to feed that monster. From fuel tank to carb, it needs to be "blower spec". Scrimp on that part and you'll be burning parts up fast. (guess how I know that!!!).

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    These are great blowers & work very well. the 1071 would be my choice as well.

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    The bigger blowers don't have to turn as fast to pump the same volume, so the fuel is exposed to less heat. For your application, that's moot. If you were to build a radical motor and wanted lots of boost, then it's beneficial.
    With all the racers using bigger blowers these days, you see fewer and fewer 6-71's, but they still get it done. Kind of depends what you want to spend. You can get more blower than you need now, spend $100's more for it, but other than the money no harm done, and, if you have plans to build a radical motor later on, you'll have the right piece. If not, you have bragging rights!

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    I'm building a blown 496 BBC, I bought a Mooneyham magnesium 14-71 with billet rotors just because I like the look of the magnesium. Sure it will be way under driven but it does have the wow factor. I am using an intercooler also. I now have options to go big at a later date.

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    thanks for some info. this will be my first blower motor. my father built many during his drag boat days but some things have changed ie parts and memory loss. i think the inter cooler would help but then im running into trying to keep the engine partial in a engine hatch. i havent seen to many 671 out there but last engine i built over kill and really all i did is spend alot of un needed money. fuel is imprtant to i would like to try not to run race fuel but a mix is ok holding alot of fuel can cause less cash in wallet and less beer in cooler lol

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    8-71 Littlefield

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    my dad's got a howard cruiser , its got a 468 with a 671 bds and no intercooler. it makes 15lbs of boost and the plugs look great. plenty for a lake boat.just make sure it's gettin the right amount of fuel, also cam is super important. so a 671 should be fine for your application. it'll save you a couple bucks too! goodluck with the sanger. my g-pa had one when i was a kid, they are great boats!

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