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Thread: Anybody ever take a 90 year old Grandmother in a V-Drive???

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    I took my Nordic with me on vacation. After about five years I talked my 90 year old grandmother into going for a ride. She was fine till I really stood on it....

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    took Gram in the vette with the tops off. She never said anything about it but I know she liked it.

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    Took my mom to long beach boat races last weekend she loved it.
    she is 72 even liked my friends there.

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    This is from last summer......
    We took the Howard out yesterday afternoon.....
    Our friend Kristin's mom was in town, visiting from Denver. Mom isn't your regular 62 year old, she rode Harleys with a MC club back in the day.....
    So when she climbed in and I fired it up, she grinned like a kid. First thing she noticed was the smell of 105 octane burning, then she said "I LOVE the way this thing idles. You got a big cam in it?"
    Kristin and her boyfriend were along for the ride, first time I've had a full house in that boat. We cruised around going about 50 or so until I found some good water, then I opened it up for mom. We got up in the low 70's (using my cheek flap speedometer ) and she was hootin' and laughing like it was a carnival ride.....even got a few bug splats on her......
    Had a damn good time!!!! :rollside: :rollside:

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    This is from last summer...... That's great what a cool story rrrr. heck just because someone is old in age they don't have to act like it

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    :jawdrop: When I was 21 I lived at a orange orchard. I built a dune buggy with a Buick in it and screamed around the ranch often. I asked the old ranch owner (who looked like the farmer on Post magazine) if he wanted to go for a ride and he said only if he drove. Pay back from the elders is a bitch-I never let him drive again!! That ride is etched into my memory.

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