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Thread: Craigslist is the shiz!!!

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    I have had a TV and mountain bike sitting around that are just taking up space and I hate EBAY so I figured I'd give craigslist a try...
    Listed the Mountain bike first and then listed the TV. By the time I got done listing the TV I had 2 emails about the mountain bike.
    One guy lived like 5 mins away. I brought bike over for him to see. He wanted it. We went to ATM and he doled out the cash. 35 minutes after I posted..... had cash in hand and the bike was gone.... f'n A craigslist focking rocks.

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    I've never tried craigs list, but now I might and just say fock E-bay! I'm beginning to hate that place too. Thats awesome!

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    I just bought a 12k lb Equalizer hitch for 200$ less than new a couple hours ago. It looks new! I agree craigslist rocks.
    My buddy got a generator a couple days ago for a smokin deal on craigslist!

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    Sold my Crownline in under a week, after being in Boatrader for over a month !!!

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    i use craigslist all the time, i have sold several vehicles and 3 boats in the past year and all were gone pretty quick. i got tired of paying for ads that never panned out.

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    I use craigslist all the time and have had good luck with it.

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    Recently bought my son a Predator 50 Quad off Craig's list. It was a good price a in like new condition.
    Now I will try and sell the old one there. This way I will have the total experience:idea:

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    El Chingon
    My buddy got a generator a couple days ago for a smokin deal on craigslist!
    Only after I told him to try craigslist for the generator. I agree craigslist is the sh*t.I have had lots of luck selling stuff.

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    Posted a used truck on AutoTrader. Then on CL. Got 3 calls on the truck within 10 minutes from CL. Autotrader fags were calling 2 weeks later for a month after it was sold. Autotrader's customer service sucks donkey balls.

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