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Thread: Is there a v-drive regotta in parker still

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    Dose this still happen if so when

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    I wish. It would be nice to see the v-drive regatta at the Bluewater again. I think the other one in Sept. stopped as well..??

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    was there 2 years ago and it was in sept. so it has been cancalled to .It was during the week was a great show hope it is still on trying to find out to plan a trip

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    This should be fun! It's on the Parker Strip
    The guys at Castle Rock Shores asked me to post this for them. This is a great chance for a new place to together. I'm sure the wouldn't mind if we arrived a few days early and played with our boats.

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    BA Kurtis
    Mike this sounds like a pretty cool deal, I got my app. turned in last week so hope to see you there

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    For anyone interested, there will be a few v-drives and other hot boats in Parker the last 2 weekends and the week between of Sept. Look for them @ Echo Lodge!

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