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Thread: Mercury Racing 2.4 EFI H/P Bridge Port ?

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    Anyone know is this was a very good engine? And what year Mercury stopped making them?

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    Boat Racer
    Yes, it was a GREAT engine, got one on a 86 laser LTV, but it's a carberated model now... Had a WRIGHT DEVICE fuel inj. system on it but went back to carbs., a fishin' motor now, but still turns 7500+. Put new rings in it in 90 or 91, and have not touched it since... They hold compression, if you run plenty of oil(32:1), and a good brand oil(I run PENNSOIL TCW3)
    And to answer your last question, in 91 or maybe 90... Not 100% on that..
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    Thanks for the great info.
    I have another question. What would a 21 Daytona with Twins of this engine be like?

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    As far as the 2.4's went, they were the most powerful ones Merc built. I have one on my STV. The EFI's were rated at 240 propshaft HP. The carb'd motors at 225.
    There were problems with the bridges in the ports overheating initially, but were later pretty much overcome with better oils and a small flat milled on the pistons with fuel relief holes to lube and cool the bridge.
    Still, Merc went away from the bridgeport design with the 2.5 and under the liner ports.
    The 2.5's have more potential and more power stock, but are also more expensive.
    A pair of BP's on any 22 footer is bound to be a helluva ride!

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    Hey are all your cylinders sleeved? The motor I just roasted cracked the bore and was wondering if it wasted or can the whole area be fixed by the sleeve. I Have 2 sleeve already in the block but the bores were damaged not cracked.
    Thanks Gary.
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    Mine is all steel sleeved now. When I got it, it had 3 in it, and I scuffed one of the original ones. So, to keep all the cylinders heat dissapation equal, I went ahead and sleeved them all.
    Cracked the bore? Jeez. MIGHT be salvagable with a sleeve, but the sleeves are supposed to be pressed fit (heat the block then press the sleeve in). If it's cracked, it might not retain the sleeve. However, it might be able to be welded first - in which case it would take the sleeve.

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    They are very good engines. I believe 1991 was the last year they were made. I have a 1990 nikasil bore 2.4 Bridgeport (carburated). The motor was rebuilt in 1996 which is when I picked it up and spins 7,500 RPM's all day long.
    If you are looking at the 1997 22' Daytona equipped with 2.4 Bridgeports that is advertised in the Boat Trader Online, you will definately want to take a look at it before getting serious. I read some where else that the boat is not that clean up close.

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    I believe '91 was the last year of that engine being offered; however, I have been told that due to demand, Merc built more blocks in '93 to fill demand in the parts department.

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    Thanks HavasuDreamin' for the info on that boat....
    I was looking at that boat, but I live in California, and was going to have my Sister go look at it for me. She is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. Maybe I'll save her the drive up.

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    Tom Brown
    Does the bridge port have the 40A stator?
    [ April 10, 2003, 09:30 PM: Message edited by: Tom Brown ]

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