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    Tom Brown
    A very nice person from our forums suggested I try the P90X workout program. I've been hitting it for a few weeks now and it's the best workout I've ever done.
    If you're in reasonable shape, and you want to have your ass completely kicked, it is a fantastic way to do that. This thing has lots of workouts, lots of movement options, and even nutrition information. I love the holistic approach and the program is designed better than anything I've ever seen before. They pretty much take care of it all.
    Just payin' it forward.

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    Good job tom. I glad you did it.

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    Tom Brown
    I really appreciate the recommendation.
    I read a bit about it and didn't really understand what it was about. Actually, the reason I picked it up because I have a lot of respect for your knowledge.
    Upon receiving it, I was blown away by how thorough it is. I thought it was just going to be a couple of workout DVDs. I didn't have a clue.
    This thing is going to put me years ahead on the fitness curve. It's beyond fantastic.

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    I told ya. Its an incredible program thats under the umbrella of Infomercialism. Its leaps and bounds above any workout program. I have written programs for alot of athletes and you would think I could make one for myself?? But I figured even Tiger Woods has a coach...
    I recommend it for anyone who thinks they are in shape or anyone who wants to be.

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