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Thread: Best Racing Enduro Parker 300

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    bestboys Best Racing Team is a second generation of racing with the third generation following closely behind. The Best's first started there racing legacy under the the Aero Marine name back in the 1960's. when John Best sr. ran an Allison in an 18' Rayson Craft, when the enduros where ran at the Salt N Sea and then running it with a mstery diesel. So it was no surprise when Jim came up with the idea to run a Duramax in his 20' Rayson Craft, for the past 18mos he has spent most of his time fine tunning his fine piece of machinery, going through alot of trials and errors, trying to find the right mixture of props, gears, v-dives etc, to get to where he is today. Thanks to his sponsors of PPE, Griener GMC/Buick/Pontaic and others they have helped him make his dream come true. thanks to Jim and many others who feel the desire to expirement for something out of the orrdinary we get what we have today, the pioneers of the future of racing. Thank You Jim a Job well done. Jefferson for pictures click on link above then select from pictures on the menu on the left

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    Duramax is a GN marathron boat sounds like a great fit. I have thought about using one in a marathron speed ski boat. You have done it! Did you make the full race? How did it go?

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    Yes the Best Racing Team did finish with the Duramax, came in second for division 2

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    HAHA ya dude that durimax kickd ass... we finishd 2 in div. 6 and 8th over all!

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    hahahah ................. great job duramax
    you really did well

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    Now that it has been a few years of running this set up.
    Can you post up some pictures of the rigging, and some specs, hull, trans, gear box & gears, and what type of numbers are you seeing. Thanks

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