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Thread: Car Insurance in Mexico

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    I am planning a trip to Rocky Point here soon and was wondering what I needed to do for insurance. I called my insurance company (USAA) and they said that mexico does not reconize our insurance, but that they covered me for up to 75 miles into mexico. What does that mean?
    I also called the Bravo agency who said they would cover me for 128 bucks for the week. Is that the way to go? Can I find it cheaper?
    Thanks for the help.
    Oh ya, also where are the hot spots I should visit down there?

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    When I had allstate, they did the same thing as far as coverage on my vehicle. You still have to stop and get a Mexican insurance policy. Depending on which way you're going, Ajo and Why both have insurance places. Ajo has a few of them. Why used to sell insurance at the gas station on the East side of the highway, pretty much the only place in the town. All you need is a Mexican liability policy.

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    My boss is leaving for Mexico in the morning and he is using this company. I don't know anything about them.

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    Big Warlock
    There is all sorts of places you can buy it on the way down there. also, you can use AAA autoclub. But one thing for sure.......GET IT!!!!

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    Baja Big Dog
    I have on occasion gone to Mexico, and when I do I use Discover Baja (800) 727 2252 for personal cars, or business cars used in Mexico I use Lewis and Associates in L.A., if you need the number let me know, Ill get it.
    If you plan on going down more that consider an annual policy, its cheaper sometimes than a week long one, if you do it twice.
    If your going for a week, and your not going to be driving the car while in Mexico for the week, you can get two polices, one for the 24 hour period your going in and one for the 24 hour period your coming out. You just cant drive it while your there.

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    We buy ours from our local insurance company here in Page.. Warner's insurance. We have had friends buy it on the way down to Rocky Point also. Lots of places to get it!

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